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Reduced Inequalities

Goal 10: Reduced inequalities


10.2 First-generation students





10.2.1 - Number of students

31 thousand students


10.2.2 - Number of students starting a degree

10 thousand students


10.2.3 - Number of first generation students starting a degree

5800 students

Qualitative description 10-2:

The first generation is an effective element in creating and transmitting cultural customs from one generation to another. The process of training the first generation to deal with the intergenerational divide is done through the socialization technique. For example, in special training camps for the first generation, educational, skill, ideological and value facts are explained.

10.3 Students from developing countries





Number of students

31 thousand students


Number of international students from developing countries

3000 students


Qualitative description 10-3:

Students from a variety of neighboring developing countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, students have a meaningful presence in the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad which shows the scientific weight and acceptability of university research.

10.4 Proportion of students with disabilities





Number of students

31 thousand students


Number of students with disabilities

70 students


10.5 Proportion of employees with disabilities





Number of employees

950 individuals


Number of employees with disability

15 individual

10.6 Measures against discrimination





Does your university as a body have an admissions policy which is non-discriminatory or which details and explains the logic for any appropriate positive discrimination policies in
admissions, which is publicly posted?

Admission at the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad  does not include any discriminatory conditions which may in any way constrain the admission of the students of any gender or of the students having any physical or mental disabilities. Based on its social responsibility, the university strives to facilitate the disabled students in their studies as well as in their daily lives. 


Does your university as a body take planned actions to recruit students/staff/faculty from under-represented groups

The Islamic Azad University of Mashhad provides possibilities for part-time jobs offered to students. These opportunities are distributed among all groups of students equally. Accordingly, under-represented groups chances are considered by the university.


Does your university as a body have anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies?

Since the religion of Islam is known as the great religion of mercy, compassion, friendliness, love and altruism, the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad considers equality and the theory of organizational justice in its policies at all levels and in all areas. Any discrimination is considered as violation of university policy. This is closely observed to maintain a workplace and academic environment which is free from any unlawful act of harassment or discrimination.


Does your university as a body have a diversity and equality committee, office and/or officer (or the equivalent) tasked by the administration or governing body to advise on and
implement policies, programmes, and trainings related to diversity, equity, inclusion and human rights on campus?

The Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, has set up a committee of civil rights in order to honor human rights. The committee is responsible for the implementation of the plans for gender equality education. Also, it provides webinars and sessions for activities related to gender equality for both staff and students. It is also in charge of investigating the implementation of equity and diversion. 


Does your university as a body provide mentoring/counselling/peer support programmes to support students, staff, faculty from underrepresented groups?

Support programs for this group of students is provided through counselling in three aspects of general, academic, and life.  This is meant to help the students with mental and physical disabilities to successfully pursue their studies and improve their learning, social, and emotioanl adaptation.


Does your university as a body provide accessible facilities for people with disabilities?

The Islamic Azad University of Mashhad has provided an accessible means of transportation for the disabled, which is always available to them for commuting in campus.




Does your university as a body provide support services for people with disabilities? (e.g. personal assistants, interpreters)

The Islamic Azad university of Mashhad provides any required assistance for the disabled and physical challenged students. As an instance, they can have personal assistance through the presence of assistants during the exam periods to answer questions on tests. In addition, for handicapped students assistants will help them when they need assistance in moving in buildings. 




Does your university as a body provide access schemes for people with disabilities?

the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad believes in ensuring the provision of equal access and sensitivity to cater for the needs of all groups of students. Accordingly, it has redefined its educational environment to suit the disabled students. Building of the university have elevators and inclined plane or ramps are provided to the ease of moving around.



Does your university as a body have reasonable accommodation policy/strategy implemented, including adequately funded mechanism for persons with disability?

The Islamic Azad university of Mashhad has many physically challenged students and accordingly has set policies in order to provide reasonable accommodation for this group of students.