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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
01 9.3 University spin offs 

nature action
9-3-1 Number of university spin-offs 43 plans

Qualitative description 9-3-1:

In order to adapt to major environmental changes, Islamic Azad University of Mashhad has taken into account the tastes of customers and the needs of industry. It has accordingly prepared and launched about 43 projects in the field of industry, innovation and infrastructure to be able to compete in the current competitive conditions. Today, it has an acceptable quality and offers re-engineering plans to most professions.

Research income from industry

nature                                                         actions
9-4-1 Research income from industry and trade: 75 billion tomans  9-4-1-1  Research income from industry and trade based on the subject area: basic sciences and engineering24 billion tomans 
9-4-1-2  Research income from industry and trade by subject area: Medicine40 billion tomans 
9-4-1-3 Research income from industry and commerce by subject area: Arts & Humanities / Social Sciences 11 billion tomans 
9-4-2 Number of Employees  552 
9-4-3 Number of faculty  9-4-3-1 Number of faculty based on subject area: STEM 180  
9-4-3-2 Number of faculty by subject: Medicine 120  


Qualitative description 9-4:

With its successful history in the field of industry, innovation and infrastructure, Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, has been able to make a good impact in the field of industry, trade and mines. The most important factors in the production and distribution of 75 billion tomans of sustainable wealth based on 30 years of sturdy and stable history, are presented as follows:

A: Membership in the Khorasan Razavi governorate workgroup for creating job opportunities in.

B: Close cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce.

C: Sending forces, including students and graduates, to various factories and workshops.

D: Arranging a contract with the city train organization.

E: Sharing efforts with the municipality and its affiliated organizations, holding a view toward intelligent systems.

F. Entering the medical industry by serving the public through the two hospitals named Aria and 22-Bahman.

G: Launching four research institutes in different academic fields with an exploratory view and income generation approach.

H: Expert advice to the Radio and Television Organization with a cultural perspective resulting from the Iranian-Islamic lifestyle.

 I: Establishment of the department of Entrepreneurship and Skill development with a view of training creative and innovative students in the way of personality excellence and social development.

 J: Mashhad Zob factory which is affiliated to the university