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Health and wellness


Goal 3: Health and wellness

Introduction:In religious and Iranian literature, the category of health and well-being is particularly valued and even health is considered as a hidden and invisible kingdom of an individual. Health and wellness according to biorhythm management is manifested in three aspects of physical, mental and psychological.Islamic Azad University of Mashhad is recognized as the largest international university in the northeast of Iran. In the field of health, in addition to dormitories, restaurants, self-services, sports clubs, fitness clubs and cultural clubs, it is equipped with psychotherapy and psychiatric offices and clinics.    During the Corona pandemic, Islamic Azad University of Mashhad branch experienced and passed special conditions and all efficient professors, staff and diligent students in the field of medical sciences were pioneers in the field of treatment, prevention, control, prescribing. Islamic Azad University of Mashhad was considered as the greatest vaccination center in northeastern Iran in Khorasan Razavi province. In terms of functioning, it played such a powerful role that led to the visit of the first vice president and the governor.


Islamic Azad University of Mashhad sincerely appreciates the presence of Professor Dr. Sanjar Mousavi at the department of the medical sciences as its president and wishes to introduce him as a world-class model to young scholars.



Islamic Azad University of Mashhad is proud of the presence of international and first-rate professors in the Middle East, who have received awards and medals in research which is an indication its glory in the field of medical sciences.Training professional students, creating job opportunities for graduates and promoting the status of professors in the framework of study opportunities are the first and foremost measures of this university complex.In providing services to citizens, relying on the presence of experts, a large number of residents of Khorasan and Mashhad and even citizens of Afghanistan trust the medical sciences department so much that they refer to Islamic Azad University of Mashhad centers, hospitals and clinics for vaccination or receiving other medical services. There is a significant difference in rate of reference to these centers in comparison with other reputable medical brands.  


The Department of Medical Sciences of the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad has acted strongly in the field of treatment and beauty. For this reason the citizens of the Persian Gulf countries seek services from its affiliated hospitals.The fundamental question is why has the medical sciences sector been successful at the international level? 

  1. 1. having a thoughtful manager.
  2. 2. Hard-working staff
  3. 3. Having a strategic plan and a 30-year long-term vision.
  4. 4- Honoring citizens as a valuable organizational element.

Based on the defined standards, some indicators are presented according to the following tables:


1- Health and Welfare ResearchConducting research on health and well-being has several parameters that are based on the SDG standards in the current situation which are described quantitatively and qualitatively.

  Key actions Indicators of progress


Health ad well-being: Articles and books Views and downloads




Views of publications  



Qualitative description:At least 80 articles are published by students, professors and graduates, according to available documents since the beginning of 2021. To this can be added the minimum of 245,000 views of the articles.

Articles are written about the corona phenomenon over the past year. The 35-year-old medical sciences department of the Islamic Azad University has been able to create this minimum in 2021 at the peak of its work and activity due to the pandemic.   

In the development of domestic and foreign vaccines, the medical sciences department is consulted by many international scholars and intellectuals as a scientific reference. The department of medical sciences has prioritized the launching and establishing specialized and sub-specialized courses.


  Key actions Indicators of progress


Clinical citations Therapeutic function: two hospitals for 400,000 people

Description of Section 3-1-2:

Islamic Azad University of Mashhad attracts a large number of patients and treats them as it has hospitals named 22 Bahman and Aria in Mashhad and Khorasan Razavi province.Razavi hospital affiliated to Astan Quds Razavi, which is a well-known hospital in the Middle East, also benefits the support of the doctors of the Islamic Azad University medical department who are either staff or graduates of this university.  

In parallel with the above-mentioned functions in the days of Corona, the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, controlled the corona, quasi-corona and post-corona phenomena with the scientific and executive support of the Islamic Azad University.


 Many benefactors trust the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad in spending donations and endowments, which is due to the nation's growing trust in Azad University officials.


  Key actions Indicators of progress


publication Published books and articles: 130



Description of Section 3-1-3:

Despite the fact that the process of publishing a book is a long and difficult process within a period of one year, this is achieved through the hard work and insight of university professors and 130 volumes of specialized books are published.

3-2: Number of graduates

  Key actions Indicators of progress


Graduates in medical sciences Number of graduates: 1400
Number of medical science graduates: 200
Percentage of medical graduates: 1.7


Description of Section 3-2-1: The ratio of 1 to 7 in the graduate group corresponds to international standards; that is, for every 7 graduates in various fields, at least one individual belongs to the medical sciences. The superiority and preference of the medical sciences graduates over others is the passing the educational plan in hospitals, which is mandatory which is optional in other fields. 

Row 3-3: Collaborations and Health Services

  Key actions Indicators of progress


Current collaborations with medical science organizations Number of bilateral meetings: 15 sessions per weekCreating joint memoranda: 28 memoranda in the last year


Health promotion programs Production of podcasts: 190 itemsAnimation production: 280 animationsBrochure production: 140 copies


Shared sports facilities Citizens’ using shared sports facilities:212 thousand people in the last year


Free health services for students Providing services to students of Mashhad branch and other students together with family members: 580 thousand people in two stages


Mental health support Admission of 17,000 citizens in the past year in three areas of control, treatment and improvement and personality excellence


Smoke-free policy Designing and operation of three smoking-free spaces under the supervision of psychologists and physicians in accordance with the Gestalt model.



Description of Section 3-3-1:

Current collaborations with medical science organizations:

Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, consisting of creative and innovative ideas, has created conditions to be recognized as a pillar for scientific and social institutions in Mashhad and Khorasan Razavi province. The staff have had meetings inside and outside the province which have led to long-term contracts and at least in the body of ten-year memoranda.


Description 3-3-2

:Health promotion programs:

 Just as the environment has allowed the university to operate, and philanthropists have provided unlimited support to the university, the university has reciprocally assumed that health promotion programs and projects have to serve citizens and students at the lowest cost. In less privileged areas 785 thousand vital support packages of hygiene and health are distributed.

 People's communication methods are different in terms of emotions, hearing, sight, and it is noteworthy to mention that such issues are observed in the production of podcasts, animations, brochures, films, and the medical sciences website is visited by a large number of individuals at the national and regional level.


 Description 3-3-3:

Shared sports facilities 

In line with other public, private and public organizations and with a heartfelt belief in intelligent governance, Islamic Azad University of Mashhad has set a specific schedule to inform the public and to encourage citizens to use sports equipment under the training of the best sports coaches and has even prepared a technical ID for each client.


Description 3-3-4:

Free health services for students:

One of the universities in northeastern Iran which took a quick action i vaccinating students, faculty and staff is the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad. Prevention, control and treatment are the proud and ethical slogans of the university's health advocates.

Based on the timeliness; accuracy, regularity, flexibility, simplicity, and benevolent behavior observed in the body of the medical system can lead one to infer that the competent authorities have strongly approved the issue and introduced it as a valid model.



Mental health support:

The psychological aspect is one of the basic components of every human being and planning for the personality of individuals without regard to mental health has no meaning and can damage a person’s lifestyle in the long run. Accordingly, Islamic Azad University of Mashhad has set up its counseling offices and psychiatric clinics to deal with citizens and students treatments. This university is also considered as a safe place and shelter for students and the clients whose personal information is kept confidential in this regard.


 Description 3-3-6:

Smoke-free policy:

Living without carbon is the fundamental motto of the Health Front. Policy makers have decided to create smoking-free spaces to fulfill the slogan. They monitor smokers indirectly and during the consecutive and continuous projects, in logical and extraordinary steps, teach them how to quit smoking.


Free think tanks are formed monthly under the name of brainstorming in the realm of medical sciences and we observe extraordinary medical knowledge events.