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Sama Institute of Foreign languages has achieved a special educational system for language learning. getting benefit from experts views on foreign language teaching and experiences of significant foreign language institutes in Iran as well as linguists from Oxford and Cambridge universities who are constantly busy developing new methods for learning and teaching foreign languages.

 Sama Institute of Foreign languages Mashhad branch started activity in 2002 getting benefit from the most recent experiences in foreign language teaching in different levels and experienced teachers . In performing educational programs and presenting a comprehensive and regular system ,this institute introduces the following system of education for language learners:

1.Children Elementary Course:In two levels:
a.A six-semester course offering Kidsclub books each book covering one semester accompanied with teaching aids like flashcards and suitable films.
b. A 8 semester course offering Four-volume Connect books each covering two semesters . In this course the focus is on the learners' ability to speak in English and enhance their ability in oral production of simple stories and writing simple and real prose. The learners are supposed to be able to  fulfill their needs in English at the end of these semesters.

2. Intermediate Course: This course includes a 11-semester course offering Intro and three-volume interchange.

3. Advanced English Course: This course includes 6 semesters offering two-volume "Passages" books each covering three semesters .Learners are awarded certificate at the end of the last semester successfully passed. Complementary programs and other preparatory courses for TOEFL and IELTS tests are available if needed. Totally the average of 1000 language learners are learning in all Sama Institutes of Foreign languages of Mashhad.

Sama Institutes of Foreign languages in Mashhad Address &Phone Numbers:

1. Sama Boys Foreign language Institute 1: Between 25&27, Ostadyousefi,
Ghasemabad, Tel: +985116627070

2. Sama Boys Foreign language Institute 2, 24th Imamat (9th Moallem),Azadshahr ,Tel: +985116053905.

3. Sama Girls Foreign language Institute 1, 30th Imamiyeh, Ghasemabad ,Tel: +985116613699.

4. Sama Girls Foreign language Institute 2, 59th Vakilabad, 3rd Sharif ,Tel: +985118685656 -+985118686161