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Tuesday, 03 August 2010 12:36

The most important goals of this hospital are the following:22bahman4

  • Reforming the environment in order to increase the patients' welfare and satisfaction
  • Promoting the level of personnel's scientific background by regular training for offering their services to the patients well.
  • Promoting the level of clinical services and hospital cares
  • Appreciating the personnel's on-time services and increasing their motivation

Imaging Center

More than 2000 people from remote areas of Mashhad has used the services of Imaging Center Of 22 Bahman Hospital (which consists the following sections) during 1 year.

  • Spiral CT-scan
  • Color Echodapler
  • Radiology and Sonography

Customer orientation in the hospital

Patients' satisfaction of clinical cares is necessary for promoting the quality of hospital services and influential factors on patients' satisfaction (the hospital environment, the hospital services, cares, hoteling services, food, hospitalization and …) are very important for the IAUM's principal and other officials of the hospital. Therefore the following motto is what the hospital services are based on:

Patients' satisfaction is the main policy for the quality of hygiene, clinical services in 22 Bahman Hospital.


Research and educational activities of the hospital

The total number of introduced students to the hospital in 2007 has been 2299 including 575 intern, 953 stager, 312 midwifery students, 413 nursing students and 46 anesthesia students.

  • Number of published books by professors: 18
  • Number of completed thesis each year: 20
  • Internet: 5 active line with availability to many valid information and data bank

Mission and views of the hospital managers

Due to the goal of offering services and promotion of the level of society's health, 22 Bahman Hospital has decided to do its best in treatment of poor and needy patients and becomes one of the biggest reference poles in treatment and education.

Providing welfare services for patients, meeting their satisfaction and also equipping and up-to-dating medical tools are views of this center.


Clinical wards of the hospital

During recent years, the following clinical wards of this hospital were established by the contribution of faculty members and other personnel:

Female's Ward, Male's Ward, Psychiatry, ICU and NICU.