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Tuesday, 03 August 2010 12:24

Since 1999, 22 Bahman Hospital has become one of the clinical-educational centers of 22bahman1IAUM.

Built area: 9200 square meter

Number of specialists: 82

Number of personnel: 235



At present, regarding the contribution of faculty members, doctors and personnel, this center has become an ideal

clinical-educational center and rank of this hospital is one.


History of hospital

This hospital was built in 1989 by the founders of 22 Bahman Charity: Abdolhossien Bahman and Haaj Ala Mir Mohammad Sadeghi in a land of 2400 which was denoted by Taher Ahmad Zadeh. The building of this hospital was completed in 1997 with a built area of 9000 which consists of 4 floors and 10 billion Rials was spent for its building.

The utilization permit of this hospital is 175 hospital beds and consists of surgery section, surgery room ,Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Emergency, Radiology, Sonography, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Hospitalization Wards for men and women, central natural gas system, specialized clinics and Dentistry.


Transferring the operation of 22 Bahman Hospital to the IAUM

Because of a good background of IAUM in offering university services and also clinical services in remote area and having specialized doctors, the founders of 22 Bahman Hospital transferred its operation to the IAUM.