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Medical Science Office

Vice Chancellor for Medical Science :




Dr. Naser Sanjar Mousavi


Phone : +98 513 36620152


 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Medical Sciences Quarterly

· Paramedical faculty

· Operation Theater Department

· Anesthesia Department

· School Hygiene Department

· Obstetrics Department

· Nursing Department

· Faculty of Medicine

· Treatment Deputy

· Aria Hospital

· 22-Bahman Hospital

· Research Adminisration

· Deputy for Basic Science Education

· Deputy for Clinical Education

· Physiopathology

· Externship

· Internship

· Deputy of Aria Hospital

· Deputy of 22-Bahman Hospital

· Clinical Education Office of 17-Shahrivar Hospital

· Clinical Education Office of Farabi Hospital

Interactions :

· Ministry of health and Medical Education

· Approving annual hospital grade

· Determining medical fees

· Following all the medical Councils Instructions

· Providing different insurance policies to the hospitals

· Classifying special medical equipments

· Approving technicians of hospitals and Para clinics

· Inspecting and issuing educational permits for hospitals

· Ranking country medical faculties

· Issuing education permits for residency courses

· Holding comprehensive examinations of basic sciences and pre-internship courses

· Approving educational competency of medical, Paramedical, obstetrics and nursing faculties

· Annual hospital grade assessment

· Continuous Supervision the 12 hospitals committees

· Complaint and medical violations centers

· Issuing Permit for any changes in hospitals (personnel, equipments and building)

· Quality Control Centre (medicine, radiology, laboratory and health)

· Health Centre

· Comprehensive Examination

· Governor Office

· Red Crescent Society

· Veterinary

· Municipality Recycle Centre

· Disciplinary Forces

· Medical Emergency Center Accident and Emergency (A+E)

· Medical Council

· Iran Atomic Energy Organization

· Justice Administration and Forensic Medicine

· Health Centers

· National Organization for Civil Registration

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