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Education Office

Vice-Chancellor for Education Affairs:


Dr. Mahdi Yaghobi
Phone : +98 51  36637847
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Development of university disciplines is a step toward progress in every region. So the office of Educational Affairs of IAUM by taking paradigm of developed countries has started to develop differentiate the disciplines. Aimed at enhancing complete stakeholders' participation inside and outside of the university, this office has extended new majors with emphasis in interdisciplinary with interactive cooperation among different sections and different faculties of the university. On the other hand, the most interesting feature of higher education in developed countries is the variety of university majors. Variety of university disciplines with different branches and also variety of jobs and the close relationship between education and favorite job needs students' planning for their educational future.

The Educational Affairs Office of IAUM, in its development plan ,aim at the elements that are stated in reports of the research center and presidential documents as index of improvement and development of academic education in educational area. Therefore the office, in the remaining time of its Fourth development Plan of the university, has succeeded to increase the ratio of the complementary education students to whole students and establish new fields in the complementary education periods. Also increasing ratio of faculty members to students and change of faculty members pyramid, appropriation of scholarship quota to PHD students regarding provision of faculty members, that is considered as the other branches of development of academic education, are among the office activities.

The Education Affairs Office of IAUM is proud of, after a quarter of century efforts for development of the society scientific level, succeeding to educate 57490 postgraduates for the society.

Most of the postgraduates are in BA grade.(68 percent)

Most of the postgraduates are in Humanities scientific group (51 percent) and then in technical and engineering scientific group.(18 percent)

Up to now 3775 students have graduated in supplementary education grade and serve in scientific and research area of the country.

The ever growing scientific trend of women present good horizons for their further role in different activities of the society. The women scientific growth in addition to half of the society members' science growth, has great effect on knowledge of the other members of the society.

53 percent of total postgraduates of the university are women.

Vice Chancellor for Education is mainly responsible for meeting educational goals through administration offices.


Educational deputy of the university is responsible for planning and managing all educational affairs and monitoring well-run implementation of educational rules and regulations, making decision about educational affairs and making policy in order to extend and promote the quality of education and running educational courses and their evaluation.

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Organizational Chart :

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