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Welfare and cultural Center

Address: Morvarid1 Street, GhasemAbad, Mashhad, Iran.

Tel: 6621345-6

Fax: 6621348

In order to provide welfare and cultural services to professors and persorefahi0nnel and students especially Imam Reza’s pilgrims,the welfare and cultural center of IAUM has been designed and constructed on a land with more than 2500 square meters area and more than 3000 meters infrastructure and in September of 2002 was utilized with presence of the university president Mr.Jassbi.This center presents very suitable services in a land more than 2500 square meters and in 3 storeys with an appropriate desig and architecture  and variety of different colors in a peaceful environment for guests with having green space ,pool, parking and etc.

Best entertainment Facilities

The welfare and cultural center in 3 storeys with an appropriate design and architecture and variety of different colors and 23 equipped and stylish suites has central video system, indoor pool, restaurant and koockery, entertaining hall with 600-person capacity and central heating and cooling chiller system entertains the guests.

Cooperators and faculty members of Islamic Azad University throughout Iran can utilize 30 percent discount for each night stay.



The equipped restaurant and coockery present services with specialist and capable cadre in cooking various foods.Respected peers and faculty members can use 40 percent discount up to 250000 rials every month.Number of cooked food in the welfare and cultural center since March of 2008 to December of 2008 is 104000 services.

Multi-purpose auditorium

Auditorium of IAUM welfare center has the capacity of 600 persons.This hall has been used for different ceremonies.Ceremonies held in this center this year are such as :

42 educational workshop, 37 breakfast ceremonies, 18 wedding ceremonies,25 morning ceremonies, 28 national and regional conferences,  10 Haj ceremonies and 25 sport competitions.

The faculty members and personnel and students of IAUM can use 50 percent discount.


The indoor pool

In order to present welfare services to IAUM’s professors and personnel and their families, the 500-square meter indoor pool of the center has been constructed.This complex includes warm water pool with dimension of 25*13, jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna.

Educational and recreational swimming of the personnel

IAUM president and other officials of the university are resolout in walfare affairs of personnel and faculty members and in this matter have had serious pursuit by using different methods in realization of this matter.

Because they believe that attending to welfare affairs of the personnel will lead to present work with ideal quality and appropriate services to the students and in this direction, educational and sport swimming classes are held for counterparts and their families.