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The Public Relations Office

One of the most important committee of the university is the Public Relations Office.The Public Relations is defined as providng a bilateral relationship in the direction of organizational goals;in other word, public relations is the science of obtaining and distributing information.If we imagine that managing is the brain of a system, public relationship is the heart of the system.

Plans in progress and future of the Public Relations Office

·          Using two of billboards of the big squares throughout Mashhad city like 15 Khordad and Azadi squares

·          Installing the errand systems in the entrance gate of the faculties and central organization in order to imply the necessary and advertising messages of the university.

·          Installing four 3*4 big advertising billboard in all Mashhad road entrances with the university motto and slogan

·          To form asking and responding meeting of the university officials with people through the media of the province

·          Using outstanding professors of different departments for news contact with the media

·          Showing of advertising message and subtitle through the public network and producing and showing one TV program through the province network in relation with influence of the university activities

The Public Relations Publication

·          Preparing 2000 volumes of guide booklet of state and Azad universities’ exams and 1900 copies of special magazines for announcing the names and fills capacity completion

·          Publishing 83 newspaper, sport special magazines, the education guide booklet, sport olympias special magazine

·          Publishing a bi-monthly(every other week) newspaper every two weeks

·          Preparing and arranging 80000 volumes of education guide booklet for new students