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Facilities of Humanity Complex

Scientific-Research journals

Humanity complex of Azad University of Mashhad has 2 Scientific-Research journals titled Seasonal Specialized Journal of Feq and Civilization History and Rayate Elm (Seasonal Specialized Journal of Persian Literature) and 1 Humanity journal.


Scientific societies

Scientific committees in each department of Humanity Complex are active and in different occasions, play their roles by holding scientific and educational exhibitions. For example, holding book exhibitions, educational courses in Research week, holding poem circle in different occasions are some of their activities.

Gathering hall

Amphitheaters with the capacity of 170 people in each and total capacity of 350 people, are located in the 4thfloor of the complex and are equipped with modern audio visual tools. Different occasions such as student thesis defense, different educational workshops, university officials' lectures and country and army officials' lectures are held there.


Biggest library of the university

This complex has the biggest library within the university with an area of more than 1500. There are 45000 books in Farsi, English and Arabic, more than 1000 theses and more than 150 journals in different languages and also collection of handwritten copies titled History of Science. This library like other modern libraries is managed on open shelf bases and services such as Reference Section, Archive, users training, Xerox Section, Studying Hall, digital library facilities and information station in Farsi and English are accessible for all users.

Educational and educational-aid facilities

Educational courses are according to Iran's standards and offer audio visual facilities such as Data, computers, television and other audio visual facilities.

Computer laboratory with 22 computers and the complex's coffee net with 60 computers in an area of 200 are other peripheral facilities.

Implementation of the biggest reference part of library in region 9 of Islamic Azad university

The library of Humanities complex,as the biggest library in region 9 of the university with 45 thousands copies of books,implemented and established the biggest reference part of the library in region 9.

This part was implemented with 220 square meters area and 1400 theses, 4 thousands general and specialized books in persian,english,arabic,german,french,russian, turkish and … languages and with capacity for 60 persons.

In this part, there are 250 update persian and english magazines and also a complete archive of set of literary essays from 1959 and so far and magazines such as:literature magazine of Tehran,Mashhad, Tabriz universities, Armaghan, Sokhan, Yadegar,Zanan magazines and also there is another archive of todays magazines.Among the other facilities of reference part is a lot of historical and geographical *,plots and graphs which are lent to the professors and students.

Science History part also includes more than 400 scan(nonprinted) and printed books about medical science history and other human sciences in persian and arabic languages and in fields of.

The Information base

Namaye information base includes set of essays published in Iran magazines since 1998 up to now and in the manner of network and textful and also Emam Ali Information base which has 75 thousands records such as book and textful essay in persian and arabic languages in fields of jurisprudence ,Islam history, political sciences and ….