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History of Educational Complex of Golbahar

Educational Complex of Golbahar, Mashhad University sub city

Educational Complex of Golbahar was established in 1998 as an educational center with 5 classrooms and some apartment and half built houses aiming at extending the Mashhad unit as a university sub city.

This complex started its educational activities in 1999 by accepting 123 students in 2 majors of Agronomy and Plant Breeding and Physical Education and Sport Science in bachelor level in 2 departments of Agriculture and Physical Education. At present, 52 full time and part time faculty members and 13 instructors are working in this complex and there are 2000 female and male students in 19 majors in 6 departments.


Educational Complex of Golbahar statistics

_        200-hectar land, 2100  educational building, 6469  front yard and 10000 sport ground, 1013  indoor sport hall and dormitory equipped facilities and services such as self-service and commuting service.

_        Majors: Agriculture, Physical Education, Installation and Manufacturing and Metal Industries