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Facilities of Educational Complex of Golbahar

Facilities and equipments

Educational activities of this complex are done in a place of more than 17000  including 20 classrooms, 19 laboratories, 3 general and specialized computer centers, 15 workshops, sport halls and sport green grass ground. This complex has 37 hectare agricultural land which 7 hectare of this land is ready to use. This complex has also 8 dormitory blocks with the capacity for 500 male students and 3 dormitory houses with the capacity for 50 male students.

It also has a self service which is equipped with cooler warehouse, 2 dining halls with the capacity of 350 people and a gathering hall equipped with audio visual facilities. Necessary facilities for online registration in 2 coffee nets with suitable band width are also available in this complex.



Library & publicizing center 

From the beginning of the year 1999-2000, the library started its work in a place of 100  with 2500 books. At present, 3 librarians in 2 sections of library1 which is for the students of Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Agricultural Economy and Physical Education and in library2 which is for the students in Engineering Faculty with 17000 technical and nontechnical books meet students' needs to a large extent. There are also studying hall for male and female students, Reference Books and Journal section.

In the coffee net of this complex the students have access to the up-to-date scientific sources.

Officials of the Educational Complex have tried to

Equipped dormitory complex of the educational complex of Golbahar

offer optimal services to the students who live in dormitory. In order to do so, they have equipped the dormitories with the best welfare facilities such as refrigerator, freezer, television, video, study desk, changeable lamps, closet and … allocating suitable space in each dormitory for students' rest and studying, ping pong table, card feeding telephone, publication table and …. are other facilities. At present, there are 5440  residential area in Dormitory Complex of Golbahar.