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Department of Physical Education

in 1999. At present there are more than 320 male and female students in continues associate level of Physical Education, continues and discontinuous bachelor level of Physical Education and Sport Sciences. This department has introduced many national and international champions in wrestling, taekwondo, football and judo.


Research projects

Faculty members of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science have done several research projects which results are published in scientific journals and presented in scientific congresses. Some of these scientific and research activities are:

·          Investigating the relationship between general physical readiness and level of depression in Azad University of Mashhad's students.

·          Impact of hard exercise on protein catabolism and its comparison in fasting and no fasting conditions in wrestlers

  • Compilation of the book Ping Pong 1&2, Track and Field 1&2, sport nutrition and scientific and correct principles of exercise


Facilities and equipments of the Physical Education Department

Department of Physical Education owns a sport green grass ground, multipurpose indoor hall and necessary facilities and equipments for holding educational courses such as wrestling mattress, body building facilities, football, volleyball, handball, basketball, track ad field, gymnastic and some other tools such as human skeleton and muscles models.