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Department of Installation

This department started its activity in 1999 by accepting 49 students in continuous associate level in 2 orientations of Central Heating and Air Conditioning. Since the 2ndsemester of the year 2006-2007, this department has started accepting students in the major of Technology of Heating and Refrigerating Installation Engineering in bachelor level. This department has promoted the scientific quality by hiring full time professors and equipping workshops.


Laboratories and Workshops

There are equipped Laboratories and workshops in the Department of Installation which are located in the 200- hectare site of university in 2 industrial buildings.

These workshops include Summer Air Conditioning Workshop 1 & 2, Hot Water Central Heating Workshop and Installation Control Lab.

Facilities and equipments of Air Conditioning workshop

Summer Air Conditioning Workshop 1 consists of the newest equipments such as Absorption Chiller, Air Handling Unit and Compression Chiller-Air Cooling Condenser. Summer Air Conditioning Workshop 2 consists of Cooling Tower, Air Handling Unit and 2 Compression Chillers.

Facilities and equipments of Central Heating Workshop

Central Heating Workshop consists of all necessary equipments such as Air Washer System, Hot Water Boiler, Zent System and 6 Hot Water Packages. There are also some Centrifugal Pump, Air Compressor and Welding Apparatus in the workshop of Installation Department. Control system Labs are also equipped with control and measurement tools.