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Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture started its activity in 1984 by accepting students in the major of Plants Production Technology in associated level. In 1999 this department was transferred to the Educational Complex of Golbahar.

At present, 700 female and male students are studying in courses of Plant Production Technology in associated level, Environmental Technology in associated level, Farming and Horticulture in associated level, Agronomy and Plant Breeding in continuous bachelor level, Plant Production Technology in discontinuous bachelor level, Agronomy in master level, Weed Identification and Management in master level, Seed Science and Technology and Agro ecology in master level.

New majors

In near future, the Department of Agriculture is going to accept students in Environmental Science, Landscape designing, Soil Science, Plant Protection in bachelor level, Agricultural Biotechnology, Plant Breeding, Soil Science, Plant Pathology and Agricultural Entomology in discontinuous master level and Agronomy in PhD level.

Level of education





Weed Identification & Management


Agricultural Economics


Agronomy and Plant Breeding


Animal Science


Plant Production Technology


Plant Production


Environmental Technology


Farming and Horticulture


1 : Associated level, 2: Bachelor level,3 : Discontinous bachelor level,4 : Master level, 5 : PhD



Research and educational facilities of this department is beyond description due to 25 years of hard work. Some of the laboratories and workshop equipments are:

different types of microscope stereomicroscope, accurate measurement tools, Oven and Incubator, Germinator, Leaf Area Meter, Hygrometer, Spectrophotometer, Agricultural machines, evaluation and measurement machines, cameras and  topography tools .

Herbarium and insectariums of this complex includes a collection of plants and insects.  A 7-hectar farm is allocated for students' educational and research activities and a 30-hectar educational and research farm in Kalate Molla Kazem Village is going to be implemented


Department of Agriculture offers services to students by having 12 technical laboratories of  Botany  and  Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology,  Soil Science and Watering, Husbandry, Genetics and Biotechnology, Corps and  Industrial Plants, Weed and Herbarium and Zoology, Physics and Meteorology and Chemistry and also 2 workshops of Agricultural machines in educational and research areas.