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Activities of Educational Complex of Golbahar

Cultural and extra curriculum activities

Cultural activities of this complex are including different religious and national ceremonies, holding lectures and Prayers, cultural and leisure camping, religious ask and reply sessions, holding student poem circles and cultural and scientific conferences, publishing students' publications named Golestan and Fekre Sepid, holding Koran competitions and Koran's circles, different cultural competitions and book exhibitions.

These activities are monitored by Islamic Culture Office of the complex. Furthermore, extra curriculum activities including sport competitions and classes and leisure camping are held by the Office of Student Affairs.

Agriculture scientific Society

Agriculture scientific society is a student community. Its first gathering was held in 2007 and the board of directors was selected. The society is active in holding scientific lectures, educational courses, doing student research and has attracted a group of interested students and faculty members as its members.

Scientific and research activities

Having equipped laboratories and workshops, it is possible for the professors and graduate students to do research. Professors in different departments have performed many research projects by using these facilities and the results are published in scientific journals and presented in conferences. Details of each department are explained.