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Facilities of Basic sciences faculty


The faculty library

Library of the basic sciences faculty with 444 square meters space is located in south corner of the faculty and includes book storehouse, awarding part, reference part, issues parts, technical part and male and female studying halls.

The references organization system is based on LC classification which is managed on the base of the university libraries technical services. Now, all of the faculty members, the sciences faculty students and personnel are the permanent members of the library. According to topics of IAUM libraries, every student has been able to use every library of the university, that is very good for students in accessing to update references and research. Therefore, permanent and variant members of the library are more than 21000 persons.


Laboratorial equipmentsoloom

· Gas chromatography equipment with two revelator FID,ECD

· UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

· Fluorescence spectrophotometer

· Polarograph

· Electrophoresis revelation tank

· Laser bits measurement machine

· Vacuum pendulum

· Visible spectrophotometer, ultra violet spectrophotometer

· Spectrofluoremeter

· Spectropolarimeter

· Gaseous chromatography,Hplc

· Atomic absorption .graphic furnace.

· High performance liquid chromatographyHPLC


Kharazmi research Center

This center, with the goal of research activities harmonization in orientations of the center interdisciplinary, was recommended in 2007 and the implementation is in progress. The research laboratories complex of the center includes: nanotechnology research, chemistry, biochemistry physic, geology, physic, mathematic and statistic laboratories. Up to now, remarkable laboratorial and research equipment has been provided in the nanotechnology, chemistry and

biochemistry physic areas, geology, physic, mathematic and statistic laboratories.