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Geology and experimental sciences departments

The experimental sciences department in 1985 and the geology department in 1995 were established and started their activities .During the initiatory years, special laboratories such as petrography, sedimentology, paleontology were established. MSC special laboratories also were completed and implemented gradually .

The geology and experimental sciences departments have specialized laboratories that the MSC research layer and fossil laboratory were established in 2003.

The geology department is one of the oldest existing fields in the basic sciences faculty that during its activities, has been able to provide appropriate laboratory space for the geology students' practical lessons.


The geology department

The geology department has 10 faculty members and 11 educators cooperate as invited outside lecturers.

Now, 16 laboratories in 10 independent laboratorial spaces are performed as petrology, mineralogy and paleontology, photogeology , surveying ,fieldgeology, palynology , sedimentology, crystallography, optic crystallography ,structural geology and economical geology.


Laboratorial and research equipments of the geology departmentoloom1

· Binacular Microscope

· Polari zan Microscope

· Rerflective Microscope

· Teodoulite

· Nivo

· Stereoscope

· GPS - Aven

· Museum and geology equipments :species of mineral samples, fossil and thin section - geological hammer -pelater - compass-aven) thin cut stonecutter saw machineو - thin segment machine


The experimental sciences department members

The experimental sciences department has 8 faculty members and 4 educators cooperate as invited lecturers.



Level of education



Layer and fossil


Experimental sciences


AA:1,BA:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSc:4 and PhD:5