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Physics department

In 1984, the department started its activities in applied physics field and has more than 900 graduates up to now. Some of them, by continuing their education and having PHD degree, are involved with education and research as faculty members of the university and other universities of the country.  

Now (in 2008 second term), this department has 238 BA students and 47 MSC students. The physics department, during its activities, has been able to provide 14 laboratories in 7 independent laboratorial locations for the physics students' practical courses.

First plasma physics research center

Since 2005, MSC level was established in two orientations of atomic physics and molecular physics in Islamic Azad University of Mashhad and has admitted students twice up to now.

The physics department has established nuclear alloying research laboratory in 2006, and as the first associate of plasma physics research center, start to research in this field.


Level of education

Applied physics


Atomic and molecular physics


AA:1,BA:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSC:4 and PHD:5

The physics department laboratories

·          Solid physics laboratory

·          Modern laboratory

·          Nuclear laboratory

·          Basic physic laboratory NO.1

·          Basic physic laboratory NO.2

·          Heat laboratory

·          Specialized optic laboratory

·          Electronic laboratory

·          Mechanic laboratory

·          Basic physic laboratory NO.3

·          Experimental optic laboratory

·          Fundamentals of physics laboratory

·          General physics laboratory NO.1

·          Physics workshop

Physics research laboratory

This laboratory has been implemented in order to serve MSC students and also performing the department professors' research projects and has following equipments:

·          spin Coating + Spray  Coating machine

·          Several  Vacuum Pump , Turbo pump machine

·          x-ray machine

·          One complete Celeron telescope with Gps for planetary(astrophysics) research