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Mathematics department

The mathematics department started to work in 1983.

educational goals of the department are such as:

·          Complementary education: in PHD level, providing universities' faculty members is the goal.

·          In MSC level, the goal is to educate persons who have learnt fundamentals of mathematics and could obtain essential skill in analyzing scientific and research mathematic essays.

·          BA level: the goal is to educating teachers and experts in applying mathematics for analyzing some economic and programming plans.



Scientific and research success of the mathematics department

·          Publication and translation of more than 12 title books

·          Presentation of essays in valid national and international magazines in ISI level

·          Lecturing in national and international conferences

·          Presentation of research projects in different areas of mathematics

·          Establishment of complementary education library of the department


Level of education

Pure mathematics


Applied mathematics


Teaching mathematics




AA:1,BA:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSC:4 and PHD:5