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Biology department

The IAUM biology department started to work in 1989 with 118 students in BA level of general biology field and in 1993 with BA level of teaching biology. Now by having 1070 students in three orientations in BA level and about 112 MSC students continues its activities.

This field includes botany, zoology, biophysics, biochemistry, general biology and teaching biology orientations and totally has more than 28 laboratories that hold on in eleven independent laboratorial environments.

The biology department laboratories

The biology department has been able to provide appropriate research laboratorial equipments in order to help students' growth and education.

This department's laboratories are such as : plant biology ,animal biology ,zoology, protozoology ,cellular and molecular biology, genetic, microbiology, animal physiology , histology and embryology, anatomy and morphology of plant, plant systematic, plant physiology and biochemistry.


Level of education

Cellular and molecular-biochemistry










Cellular and molecular-biochemistry


AA:1,BA:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSC:4 and PHD:5

Animal research laboratory

The 68 square meters laboratory has been established in order to perform research and activities related to MSC students' theses work and also performance of research projects of the faculty members and researchers. And among the main existing facilities are:

  • Fluorescent microscope, PCR equipment,CO2 incubator
  • Photo microscope, invert microscope, tissue processor, PH meter
  • Digital scale, azot tank,-24 refrigerator and freezer, centrifuge, centrifuge with refrigerator, autoclave, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis


Zoology museum

The museum was established in a 55 square meters space and was implemented aimed at collecting worthwhile animal samples and also has a great education and survey power. Different kinds of vertebrate animals, invertebrate animals and mammals are collected and kept in 350 samples.

Biophysics research Laboratory

The laboratory has been implemented by the means of servicing to biophysics MSC students and also performing faculty members' research projects and the laboratory is equipped by the most advanced laboratorial equipments of the world that among them are:

·          Visible spectrophotometer, ultra violet spectrophotometer

·          Spectrofluoremeter

·          Spectropolarimeter

·          Gas chromatography, Hplc



Herbarium (botany)

The biology department herbarium was implemented with 11284 kinds herbaceous samples in 1992 and in 2007, August 31 was recorded in Herbarium indices as IAUM herbarium and  with the summarized name of IAUM.

Website: http://herbarium.mshdiau.ac.ir/