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History of Paramedical Faculty

Paramedical faculty has started its activities since 2005 with three fields of Schools Hygiene, Operating-Room Technician and AA level of Anesthesia. Since 2004, with approval of IAUM's Central Organization, students have been admitted in AA level of Anesthesia and Operating-Room Technician fields. After the admission of these students and regarding the suggestion of Medical Sciences Vice Presidency and also with approval of the university president, Paramedical Faculty was established in 2005 and the students started their educations in this faculty in three AA fields of Anesthesia, Operating-Room Technician and Child

caring with the orientation of School Hygiene. After approval of Hygiene, Treatment and Medical Education Ministry with change of the levels of Anesthesia and Operating-Room Technician to BA level, since 2008 these two fields has been established in this faculty and the students have been admitted.