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Facilities of Paramedical Faculty

Educational classrooms and audio-vision facilities

This faculty has 5 educational classrooms with the capacity of 85  students  and the classes are equipped with assisting educational modern technology. Data projector, LCD, visualize, VCD and overhead are among the facilities available in the faculty's classrooms.

The libraryparamedical1

The library of Para Medical Faculty was established in 2003 in a limited space with about 60 volumes of book n the location of the faculty. Now, sum of the references  include about 5270 Persian and Latin books which are classified with congress library method and also has 240 Persian and Latin magazines. The present area of the faculty's library is 110 square meters, includes store and male and female studying halls. This library is equipped with computer and internet systems and is connected to through network of the university and digital library.

Computer workshop

The faculty has two computer workshops separately for females and males, the workshops have necessary equipment such as computer and printer, they present services in different hours of the day. Beside during the term, students can use them at of course selection and omission and addition time. Also in order to perform research activities and access the internet sites and digital library, all of the available systems have the possibility of being connected to the internet and are usable for research activities of the students and professors.

Dynamic site

In the faculty site with the address of http://pmd.mshdiau.ac.ir , the latest news and information about the educational departments of the faculty are accessable by the students and professors and become update regularly.

In the main page of the site, information of the educational departments, faculty member, regulations, conferences and gatherings, educational calendar, introduction of the faculty, facilities and officials of Para Medical Faculty are in access of public.

Specialized piratic workshopparamedical4

This workshop has been established for the students of Anesthesia and Operating-Room to perform caring techniques on simulation manakins and to achieve clinical skills. Theworkshop is equipped with modern digital manakins,instruments and equipmentof operating-room, instruments and equipment of hospital sections and is anappropriate place for students to gain necessary related skills before direct contact with patient.

This workshop includes three sections of Operating Theater, Nursing care and  skill lab in which, regarding to topics of students' practical courses, students become familiar with specialized techniques of their field and gain related skills.

Equipment of the specialized piratic workshop

·          hearing and lung and heart manakin

·          Children and adults intubation manakin

·          Children and adults C.P.R manakin

·          Venous injection manakin in different kind of children and adults

  • ABG and pulse control manakin
  • Blood pressure manakin

Pharmacology and Moullage workshopparamedical3

The workshop has modern available moullage in order to make students of  different fields familiar with body anatomy of man. In this workshop, even anatomic details such as *routs and fingers' nerves also, in the frame of *, are inaccess of the students. This

workshop is establish in order to teach Anatomy courses of I and II. So, beside using for practical course, it is usable in teaching theory anatomy course for students to learn the body structure better by using simulated moullage of man body.

The pharmacology workshop has been established in order to make students familiar with different fields of medicines. In this workshop more than 100 items of medicines, available in Iran's bazaar , are provided.

Hygiene workshop

This workshop has been established for students of School Hygienic to gain skills in performing hygienic  and therapeutic cares of elementary school and it is equipped with all facilities needed in an hygienic.

and therapeutic center Among the courses presented  in this workshop, ispractical innunization making the students gain necessary skills in this course with available advanced manakins of children and adults injection.

Also in these shops, there are nstruments and facilities related to children growth caring and pregnancy period cares  and under- six -year children care.