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departments of ParaMedical Faculty

Anesthesia and Operating-Room departments

This educational department has admitted students in AA level of Anesthesia and Operating-Room Technician since 2002 and since

2008 in BA level of mentioned fields. This department has specialized peratic workshops, moullage workshop, pharmacology workshop and audio-vision workshop that have been utilized in order to educate the students. Operating-Room Department ,

in 2008 second term,had 133 students in AA level and the number of its graduates since the establishment is 131 graduates.

Anesthesia Department also  had 119 students in AA level and  the number of its graduates since  the establishment is 111



Level of education

Educator of School hygienics

Associated level


Associated level


Associated level

Goals and missions

BA level of Operating-Room: to educate committed and responsible persons who can respond to the hygienic and therapeutic needs of the society with presenting the best services related to advanced scientific principles in the direction of extension and development of number of surgeries and surgery technology.

BA level of Anesthesia: to nurture educated people who can take care of patients in anesthesia section and also can perform in

services of pain controlling and medical emergencies through educational and practical experiences

child caring Departmentparamedical2

This department has capable faculty members that in

addition to educating the students, present scientific seminars with more applied goals, In a manner that these seminars are paid attention by experts of School hygienic units and consulting units of Khorasan-e-Razavi education and they participate in these seminars regularly.

furthermore, the faculty members of this department cooperate with Education Ministry regarding reasearch, educational and hygienic projects.

This department is ready to presents educational and education-developing periods for experts of School Hygienics throughout the province.

Since 1999, this department has admitted students 8 rounds. In 2008 second term, * Department (School Hygienics orientation) had 109 students in AA level and has 240 graduates since the establishment that some of them are working in the schools as School Hygienic educator and try to develop the health level of the students.