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Introduction of Faculty of Medicine


· Department of Faculty of  Medicine of IAUM was established in 1992.med0

· In the second semester of 2008-2009, 660 students were studying in this department

· Up to now, 970 students are graduated from this department.

· 100 full time and part time faculty members are employed in this department. Among these, 1 is full professor, 2 are associate professors, 90 are assistant professors and 7 are instructors.


University's attitude toward medical students

Medical students are the main forces of the health and medical treatment sector and in the future are responsible for providing and promoting the level of society's health and they should be cared for so that they can be as a specialized force, manager and treatment specialist.

Therefore, the Office of Medical Affairs set the following goals for the Department of Medicine:Accurate educational planning, students' familiarity with research facilities, standard evaluation and planning for future job opportunity of medical students.