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Centers of Medicine Faculty

Center of education Planning

Regarding the great breakthroughs which have happened in all branches of science, educational planning based on facilities, conditions and new needs is one of the most important responsibilities of Educational Development Center.

To reach these goals, designing and alignment of suitable educational planning in all levels and majors of medical sciences including requirements evaluation and determining educational goals, development of lesson plans and contexts of courses, review of courses and etc are the duties of these centers.

Educational Development Center of the faculty of medicine of IAUM has tried to extend its relationship with other faculties through offering consultation and cooperation in review of courses and creating lesson plans.



Educational Development Center (EDC)

This center is established and equipped in 2005 in order to design and improve the methods of education, planning and evaluating the departments which are related to Department of Medicine. This center consists of 3 main sections:

·          Center of Educational and Designed Programming

·          Center of research on exams

·          Center of  examination evaluation

Center of research in the area of education

Research is an inseparable part of education and all the elements which are involved in the area of education should participate in research activities besides other educational and executive responsibilities.In the light of the determined duties by the World Health Organization, performing research projects in the area of medical education is one of the most important duties of EDC.

Activities of the Center of Research in the area of education

·          Fundamental and applied surveys and also performing research projects in the area of medical education.

·          Encouraging, contributing and providing necessary facilities for performing research and offering consultation in performing educational research projects in the faculties.

·          Performing research about process of teaching.

·          Learning in medical education system.

·          Closely considering and having sensitivity to the changes made in medical education in Iran.

·          Publication, compilation and translation in the area of performed research and new phenomena about medical education.




Center of examination Evaluation

educational system has a very important responsibility, and also regarding the necessity of creating a complete evaluation system in Faculty of Medicine and importance of this center in qualitative evaluation process, the Center of examination evaluation was established in June, 2006 in the faculty of medicine based on the approved framework of Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Activities of the Center of examination evaluation

·          Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of internal examinations and the obtained grades in these exams in Basic and Clinical departments of faculty of medicine.

·          Standardization of question preparation based on Ministry of Health and Medical Education references and development of scientific system of evaluation.

·          Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) : Holding periodic workshops related to examinations which include evaluation and measurement, test preparation and etc.

·          Operating, equipping and conducting Students' Scientific Skills Evaluation Center.

·          Automation in answer sheets correction and forming distinguishing boards for answering students' objections.

·          Evaluation and statistical analysis of students' performance in national examinations.