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Department of Political Sciences

Department of Political Sciences of the Azad University of Mashhad was established in 1993 by accepting students in bachelor level. In 2005 the master levels was also established and at present 84 students are studying there. In the second semester of the year 2008-2009, there were 610 students in bachelor and master levels. 1371 students were graduated since the inception.

13 full time and part time faculty members are employed at this department that 6 of them are assistant professors and 7 are instructors.

The goals of the Department of Political Sciences

Political sciences are a science of description and prediction of political affairs. It investigate the government operation and also studies the international relationships, conceptual approach governing it , international organizations and institutions, international laws and political interaction among countries.

The graduate students of this major can get a position in ministries and province offices and also in related educational and research institutions.