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Metallurgy and Ceramic and Installation Department

In 2005, the department was established and the faculty members and active officials educate young human resources now with 276 students in two orientations of industrial Metallurgy (Foundry) and Material- Ceramic and in two levels of AA and BSc.




Necessity of the department Establishment

Regarding the potencies and available cases in the east of the country and small and huge active industries in Khorasan's extensive provinces(steel making industry, automotive making, petrochemistry, gas refinery, powerstation),specialized and efficient staffs, in branches of material and metallurgy engineering, are needed and in the direction of progress of great goals of Islamic republic system in order of promoting the promotion wheel of the

country industry, the goal of the material department establishment was followed seriously for training capable and specialist staffs in different branches of materials(Nanomaterials, Casting, Ceramic, Corrosion, Welding, Metal Formation and ...) and performance of research projects in order of optimization of the country industry and achieving to great goals until in 2005 this department was established with the faculty efforts.



Level of Education





AA:1,BSc:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSc:4 and PhD:5


The best technical and engineering book of the year

Despite of short time of the department establishment, the faculty members of the department have more than 15 published papers in I.S.I and valid foreign publications and also more than 30 presented essays in domestic and foreign conferences. Achieving first rank of Ferdowsi international festival and the best Technical and Engineering book of the year are among the other glories of the department faculty members.


Foundry workshops and Laboratories

· Induction furnace

· Rotary furnace

· Crucible furnace

· Workshop on pattern making

· Physical natures of materials and material analysis laboratory

· Thermodynamic laboratory

· Automechanic workshop

· Metals freezing laboratory

· Heat treatment laboratory

· Heat transfer laboratory

· Corrosion laboratory



The department equipment and facilities

The Material Department has independent workshops and laboratories in specialized branches. All of the workshops and laboratories are supervised directly by the department faculty members and are managed by the department educational experts who have the capacity and readiness for performing research and educational projects in all following specialized branches of Materials and Metallurgy:

· N.D.T and D.T tests

· Corrosion tests

· Materials analysis

· Metallography


Scientific and student society

Achieving fifth rank of heat operations of all universities with hosting of Sanati Sharif university in September 2006 is among the society's glories. Coordination in regard of scientific visits of the country important industries, scientific magazines publication, holding scientific and student conferences, holding scientific lectures, performing research designs inside or outside of the country, making contact with industrial units are among the other activities of the society.