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History of Engineering Faculty


The Engineering Faculty started its activity in 1984,with the goal of educating technical specialist staffs for resolving the needs of industrial and educational sections and the province engineering design, with only one education level in Mechanical Engineering field and gradually was received gladly by the education applicants, especially in Civil Engineering field, was extended and in 2001,by adding of Computer Engineering, it was officially transmuted to a faculty.

Now, the faculty has 8 specialized departments which educate the students from AA level to MSc level. 

The complex that started its activity with less than 100 students at the start, 8000 students are educating in now.



Education fields

The Engineering Faculty of IAUM admits students in fields of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering (signals orientation) Computer in two orientations of software and hardware, Information Technology, Metallurgy, Medical Engineering, Construction, Ceramic and Installation in AA, continuing AA, continuing and discontinuing BA and MSc levels


Educational and laboratorial space

The  building of the faculty has 33 classrooms, 12 audio-vision rooms, 27 laboratories and workshops. Total educational space of the building is 7207 square meters and total administrative space is 3087 square meters.