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Facilities of Engineering Faculty


 · The separated libraries are located in the every buildings of the faculty 3 studying halls in the main building and 2 in the building NO.2

· Having 23500 volumes of Persian book,8500 volumes of Latin book,50 titles Persian journal,30 titles Latin journal and 710 Persian theses.

· Open and close bookcase and classification is on the basis of congress classification

· Equipped with security systems including gate of bar code

· recognition and closed-circuit cameras



Membership in the magazines and electronic data base

In order for the students to access to the newest and the most update essays and information of the world, the faculty has managed to get the membership of some magazines and electronic data base so that the students can connect to these sites through the internet and search and receive the essays freely. The list of some of the data bases and electronic journals is as follow :


E-Journals :


SpringerEngineering Information

ProQuestElsevier Science






Modern assisting educational equipments

Now, about 30 percent of the existing classrooms in the faculty are equipped with the latest technology of assisting educational equipments which include one computer system with the prefellow equipments and appropriate characteristics and facilities, one data projector system, one visualizer system, one video double system and one set of audio-visual desk(includes KVM switch transformer, splitter switch and ...).

By paying attention to ever increasing development of the sciences and the need to use available information in the internet for the most courses, the faculty follows the goal of equipping more classrooms with audio visual equipment gradually


Amphitheater and Auditorium

The faculty has two spaces which are completely equipped with audio visual equipment with about 400 square meters area and also with totally 350 persons capacity for holding different ceremonies and conferences. These halls most used, in different ways, for performing theses defense and students projects, holding miscellaneous classes and educational workshops and also in order to hold gathering and conferences.


Mechanized system

The students of Technical and Engineering faculty conduct all their affairs related to educational and financial and other student issue areas such as course selection, omission and addition, education engagement deposition and grades receiving and report card through the internet. Performing financial affairs and food reservation is done through the internet and in mechanized manner. In this regard, in the course selection time and also in omission and addition time, the place is being used by the students freely.


The equipped computer hall

In the Technical and Engineering Faculty, different welfare facilities have been provided for the students' utilization among these facilities, one can mention equipped hall of computer for every students' use. The hall is located in 170 square meters area and in the ground floor of the Engineering Faculty. The space of the hall is designed in a such manner that the place and the equipment can be used best and at least 60 computers are used.

The place, in addition to speedy internet service related to the university ISP, is used for the students who have project course. From vantages of the university ISP, in addition to high speed, is the possibility of digital library use.



Cafeteria and self service

Among other welfare facilities in the Technical and Engineering Faculty are cafeteria and self service halls for use of all students. In the north side of the faculty, an appropriate space in three floors, in an area more than 3000 square meters, is allocated as the faculty cafeteria and self service. The place has an equipped cookery that serves hot foods at noon every day (except holidays) to the university students, professors and personnel with low prices. In the cafeteria, tea,

drinks of different kinds and cold meals is accessible for the students, in the morning and in the afternoon, with low prices.



Transport services

For the students' comfort, several buses is devoted, in the student high traffic routs of the students throughout Mashhad, to transfer the students to the faculty and vice versa. The services during week (except holidays) and during the term commute almost every hour in these routs. Students' reception of these services is noticeable.