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Medical Engineering Department

The first and the only Medical Engineering Department throughout the universities of east of the country

By the God power, the Medical Engineering department started its activity in 2003, by admission of the students in Medical Engineering field in Bio-Electric orientation in MSC level, as the first and the only faculty of Medical Engineering in east of the country. At present, the department is active with 5 terms student admission in MSC level and 3 terms student admission in BA level and also 3 graduate groups.

Medical Engineering laboratories

·          The Medical Engineering laboratory has different and very good equipment of registering, measuring and vital signals processing, image registration, medical equipment and computer facilities. The chance of connection to the high speed internet lines is among other features of the laboratory.

·          Calibration laboratory and registration of biological signals are implemented and equipped in subgroup of the laboratory. 

·          Set of equipped electricity laboratories (electric circuits, electronic(I) and (II) and ...) and digital (rational circuit, computer architecture and microprocessor)

·          Physiology specialized laboratory  with the orientation of Medical Engineering is among special features of the department which has registration advanced equipment and physiologic signals measurement based on computer.


Level of Education



AA:1,BA:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSC:4 and PHD:5

Scientific and research activities and the department services

Performance of research and applied projects with emphasis on internal needs is at the top of the agenda of the medical engineering department's research and scientific activities. In this regard, in addition to designing and performing of MSC projects, following services are performed too:

·          Specialized scientific consultation services(in different parts of medical engineering, educational workshops, specialized periods)

·          Specialized support services (laboratorial services, workshop services, scientific services and ...)

·          Calibration of hospital medical equipment

·          Performing of several scientific and research projects

The most equipped Medical Engineering laboratory of the country

The Medical Engineering department since the start of its implementation in 2003, has provided the base of the students' research and scientific activity by establishment and equipping the specialized laboratory.

The laboratory is one of the most equipped Medical Engineering laboratories of the country and has different fine equipment of registration, measurement and vital signals processing, image registration, medical equipment and computer feasibilities. Connection to the high speed internet lines is among the other features of the laboratory.

Specialized bases of medical engineering department

·          Analyzing mental activities(memory, attention, unconsciousness, high consciousness and BCI)

·          Medical information and relation technology (Telemedicine و  E-Health)

·          Processing and recognition of vital signals(ERP,EOG, EEG and ECG)

·          Processing and recognition of sonic signals (talk, PCG, breath)

·          Analyzing psychophysiologic signals

·          Designing and production of exact medical tools (registration systems of vital signals), diagnosis and control of diabetes and bio feed back

Outlook and plans

·          To be "the region scientific pole of biological medical engineering in order to meet society's public health and science production"

·          To Implement all the orientations of Medical Engineering field

·          To provide a scientific and creative environment educate enterpreneur graduates

·          To move in the direction of culture making and educating the university society    

·          To play the superior role in science production