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Mechanical Egineering Department

The Mechanical Egineering Department is among the first departments established in IAUM and in 1993 was confirmed by cultural revolution base. The department has had activity in continuing and discontinuing BSc level with two orientations of Heating and Flowing and Solid Designing and also in MSC level with two orientations of Energy Conversion and Applied Designing and the number of students in 2009 is more than 1851 students.


First scientific ranks in the university

Up to 2008 ,2655 mechanic engineer, in the orientations of Energy Transformation, Applied Designing, Heating and Flowing, Solid Designing and Automobile Mechanic, have graduated. Most of the graduates were attracted by Iran industries, especially industries of Khorasan province, and chiefly work in automotive, automobile making, parts making, mould making, powerstations, refineries and gas and petroleum industries.

In 2005 and 2006 about 33 percent of the Mechanics Department graduates of IAUM were admitted in higher complementary levels in Azad and state university of the country and in this regard the department has achieved the first rank throughout IAUM because of the highest the number of admitted students.



Level of Education

Energy Transformation


Applied Designing


Heating and Flowing


Designing and Solids


Automobile Mechanic




AA:1,BSc:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSc:4 and PhD:5


Equipped laboratories and specialized workshops of the Mechanics Department

· MSC computer laboratory

· Flowing mechanic laboratory

· Strength of material laboratory

· Vibration and dynamic laboratory

· Heat transfer laboratory

· Thermodynamic laboratory

· General workshop

· Welding and sheeting workshop

· Machine tools workshop

· Automechanic workshop

· CAD-CAM workshop



Scientific activities of the faculty members

The Mechanics Department activities, with due attention to specialty of its members, have been most in bases of combustion, metal forming, mechanical vibrations, heat transmission, designing and computation of machine parts.

Hitherto, several number of scientific essays were presented by faculty members as scientific-research and ISI articles for participation in domestic or foreign conferences. Further than these essays, several other essays were published, by the department's professors, in public and promoting-scientific magazines and also in newspapers of the country.


Equipped laboratory of Flowing Mechanics and Hydraulic

The laboratory is among specialized laboratories of the Mechanics Engineering Department and the students become familiar with Flowing Mechanics' practical subjects.

In the laboratory other than AA and BA Mechanics students, Civil Engineering students also pass their Hydraulic laboratory course.

Equipment of the laboratory

· Flow over weirs accessory

· Centrifugal pump

· Series-parallel pump

· Pressure downfall measurement instrument in pipe

· Peltone's turbine

· Open channel flow measurement

· Downfall measurement instrument in a venturimeter

· Impact of water jet

· Hydrostatic pressure

· Venturimeter- Orific meter-Rotameter


Advanced laboratory of Heat Transmission and Thermodynamic

The laboratory is one of the most important and equipped laboratories of the department and all of its equipment are digital and made in Japan.

The laboratory further than Mechanics BA students' usage accepts other universities' Installation BA students and Automobile Mechanic AA students throughout Mashhad.

Equipment of the Laboratory

· Water to water simple heat exchanger

· Double water to water simple heat exchanger

· Water to air heat exchanger

· Air conditioning

· Water cooling tower

· Cooling room

· Heat conduction

· Heat convection


Mechanical vibration and machine dynamic laboratory

The laboratory is among specialized laboratories of the Mechanical Egineering Department, orientation of heat and Flowing and Solids. In the laboratory theoretical subject of Mechanical vibration and machine dynamic courses are performed in the case of practical experiences and achieved results are compared and researched and experienced with classical and theoretical equations and relations.

Equipment of the laboratory

· Mass-Spring vibration, simple pendulums, compound pendulums

· Forced lateral vibration of beams(simply supported beam)

· Forced lateral vibration of beams (Double simply supported beam)

· Free and damped torsional vibration

· Static and dynamic balancing

· Critical velocity of shafts

· Spur gear

· Sun and planetary gear box(planetary gear)

· Gyroscope apparatus

· Cams analysis machine

· Governors apparatus(Hartnell-porter- pronell)


Strength of material Laboratory

Strength of material laboratory is among the important laboratories of the Mechanical Egineering Department which serves other fields further than Mechanical Egineering such as Civil Engineering, AA level of Automobile Mechanic, AA level of construction and production and AA level of Metal works.

The instruments of above laboratory are as followed:

· Elastic bending test

· Shear center test

· Impact test

· Tensile test

· Fatigue test

· Strain gages test

· Curved beams test

· Torsion test

· Max well's law test

· Buckling test


General workshop

The workshop includes three parts of electricity weld cabins-gas weld desks and necessary equipment for sheeting like guillotine- bender-electrical saw machine and ....In the workshop other departments' students, such as students of Computer Engineering-Civil Engineering-IT Engineering- Electrical Engineering-Chemistry-Physics, are educated.


Welding and Sheeting workshop

Welding and Sheeting workshop is among specialized workshops of the Mechanical Engineering field in two orientations of Solid Designing and Heat and Flowing. In the workshop, students learn kinds of welding method such as gas and electricity weld-TIG and MIG weld and also different methods of sheeting.

In electricity welding topic, skills in recognition of spot welding, weld bead, weld line-uphill welding are among the main topics and in gas welding topic, welding with acetylene and oxygen are educated.


Machine tools and tools making workshop

The workshop is one of the specialized workshops in Mechanic Engineering field with orientation of Solid Designing. The workshop is equipped with 6 big Lathes-two board cutting machine-2 milling machine-one big drill press-one magnetic stone machine and ....

The workshop is equipped with a store of primary equipments and instruments which are necessary for machinery.

Production of educational pieces

In the workshop, the students become familiar with the fundamentals of turnery and machine tools and also making educational pieces. All processes of machine and turnery are implemented on the work piece and finally, with consideration of the course professor, it changes to final piece