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IT department


The first IT department throughout the universities of east of the country

Regarding ever increasing need to IT specialists, the IT Department of IAUM was established in 2005 as the first IT department throughout the universities of east of the country and admits the students in BA level now. Number of the

present students of the IT Department is about 350 students. The IT Department has five faculty members and one expert. The department faculty members' specialty is in different fields of IT, include Software Engineering, Computer

Architecture, Information Security, Computer Networks and Electronic Business.

The department's faculty members totally have presented 25 research Papers in the scientific conferences and publications and published book.


IT specialized laboratory

The information technology (IT) department of the Technical and Engineering faculty is equipped with a specialized laboratory. The laboratory has advanced computer equipment and practical courses of the field, include laboratory of

data base-network laboratory and managing system laboratory, are held in. Also extra curriculum courses of scientific society (ICDL, net, php, familiarity with hard ware and ...) are held in the laboratory.


One year inexhaustible activity of IT scientific society

· Holding scientific speech with invitation of IT experts from different universities of the country such as: «student and professor of third millennium», «electronic services», «smart systems in buildings», «electronic government» and «electronic business» seminars.

· Publish of IT specialized publication with the title of «Payam-e-Fanavaran».

· Holding «IT general knowledge»electronic test besides Mashhad computer exhibition

· Participation in the university ACM selecting competition and achieving the first rank in 2007.

· Sending programming team of the department in order to participate in ACM programming competition of west of Asia in 2007 and 2008


The first IT conference, present, future

The IT scientific society had a lot of activities up to now that the most important of them was holding « the first IT conference, present, future (ITPF2008)».

The conference was held in November 2008 in national level and during the conference, among about 200 received essays, in different fields of the conference, totally 90 Papers were accepted and presented orally and in poster manner. Also some national and international IT experts lectured as main lecturer.