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Electrical Engineering Department

The Electrical Engineering Department of IAUM was established in 2003 with the orientation of Communication in BA level and has 320 students now. At present, the department members are specialist in following fields:

·          Image processing, natural language processing

·          Exact tools, industrial control and automation

·          Machine vision, nerve plexus

·          Genetic algorithm, fuzzy related systems

Laboratories and Workshops

The Electrical Engineering Department has a set of electricity and electronic equipped laboratories which include laboratory of electronic fundamentals, measurement and electric circuits laboratory, laboratory of Electronic(I) and (II) and ..., linear control systems laboratory, communication circuit laboratory, electric machine laboratory and electricity workshops that, further than the Electrical Engineering Department, are in access of other departments.


Level of Education

Electrical Engineering




AA:1,BA:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSC:4 and PHD:5

Future goals of the Electrical Engineering Department

To establish MSC level of Electrical Engineering in the orientations of Dispatch, Control and Mechatronics field in BA and higher levels and also establishment of specialized laboratories of microwave and antenna, microprocessor laboratory (AVR), DSP signals processing laboratory and also equipping the Control laboratory with new sets of updating and control systems and developing the extant laboratorial equipment are among the future goals of the department.

Goal of the department is moving in the direction of developing the students' scientific level by holding different seminars and conferences and presentation of specialized laboratories.  

Student activities of the Electrical Engineering Department

·          Holding different conferences such as conference in the communication day, scientific visits and ...

·          Forming Robotic Scientific Committee and establishment of software banks

·          Holding electricity specialized and applied classes

·          Holding extra curriculum classes in different levels

·          Holding preparation classes to participate in different exams

Research and scientific activities of the Electrical Engineering Department

·          Designing and implementing the inductive huge motors in constant circuit and moment pulses

·          A prospect of a repair and maintenance system of Khorasan's electricity transference installations

·          Reduction of the space dimensions of word method in recognition of speaking which are separate and dependent to speaker

·          Possibility of use image recognition techniques in speech recognition

·          Applying Fuzzy reasoning to recognition of speech which are separate or dependent to speaker with frame method

·          Production of machine of observation of the performed errors situation in armature winding of DC electric machines

·          Designing and implementation of speech processing systems

·          Designing and implementation of machine vision systems

·          Speeding in image cutting by the use of Hopfield Fuzzy nural network

·          Visual controller application of in automatic arrangement of TV geometric images by utilization of one notcalibrated camera

·          Location discovery systems base on ultrasound and optic

·          Electromechanic microsystems