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Computer department

The computer engineering department of IAUM Technical and Engineering faculty was established in 2002 and was confirmed by the high Council of Cultural Revolution in 2002.The department includes MSC, continuing BSc and discontinuing BSc levels in computer engineering field in the orientation of software.

Among the department equipment and facilities are«MSc specialized site»,«3 BSc specialized laboratories» and «specialized site of ACM competitions» which have complete and update equipments.

The department has 28 faculty members and 12 experts in specialized fields and orientations of computer.


Scientific and research activities of the department

· Presentation of 205 Papers in the international conferences

· Publishing of 35 Papers in ISI Journals

· Presentation of 11 research projects

· Compilation and translation of 14 books

· Achieving leading ranks in MSc entrance exams of Azad and state university



Level of Education

Soft ware


Hard ware


AA:1,BA:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSc:4 and PhD:5


Achieving superior ranks of state MSC

Among other success of the department is admission of several graduates in higher levels and with excellent ranks in Azad and state universities every year. For example, in 2006, several of the department's graduates were admitted in the state universities that the first and second ranks and also 22 two-digit ranks of MSc entrance exam of state university were among the graduates of this department.



Activities of computer scientific society

· Publish of ANIAK magazine

· Participation in ACM-ICPC competitions in Asia west region

· Participation in the Robotic competitions

· Holding two rounds of IAUM-CCC country-wide competitions

· Holding scientific gatherings and exhibition and visit of scientific centers in different occasions and establishment of software banks

· Holding competitions of footballer robots assimilation