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Civil Engineering Department

The Civil Engineering Department was established in 1988 and started its activity with a few students and gradually, with the supports of the university president and the other officials and with efforts of the department managers(in the order Mr.Olyaee, Mr.Khatami, Mr.Nasiraee, Mr.tavalaee, Mr.Ahouee, Mr.Choubdar) has been extended up to now.

In 2009 second term, the Civil Engineering Department has 1829 students in AA, continuing BA and discontinuing BA levels. Also the number of graduates, since the establishment, was 3079 students.

The department has 29 full time and part time faculty members that 6 of them are assistant professor and 23 of them are educators.


Level of Education

Civil Engineering


General work of Construction




AA:1,BA:2,discontiuing BA:3,MSC:4 and PHD:5

The department research activities

Up to now, several essays and books are published by the department faculty members that are such as I.S.I, research-scientific essays, essays in internal and foreign conferences and scientific- public magazines that by regard of available potencies in the department and addition of scholarship cooperators to full time counterparts, remarkable progress will be achieved soon. 

Laboratory of concrete technology and building materials

In the laboratory, different experiments, related to building materials and laboratory and concrete technology and laboratory, for AA and BA levels are done.

The laboratory equipment are as follow:

Los Angeles abrasion test, Marshal test- Mortar strength, Air entrainment test- concrete strength testing(hydraulic jacks:250 kN to 1800 kN)- shaker- Blaine fineness device, electric core drill machine- Bar tensile test

Soil mechanic Laboratory

The technical soil mechanic laboratory is the laboratory which several experiments are performed in, for students' familiarity with nature and treatment of soil and load-bearing capacity.

The equipment of the laboratory are as follow:

Triaxial test apparatus, direct shear test apparatus, uniaxial test apparatus- (California Bearing Ratio) C.B.R apparatus-Consolidation soil test equipment, Permeability, sand equivalent (S.E), Casagrande test apparatus, sieve shaker,electrical oven,standard sieves accessories


Surveying  is among the courses that the Civil Engineering Department, in addition to Civil Engineering students, serves to the students of Architecture and Urban-developing.

The following equipments are exist in the surveying  laboratory:

·          Leveling digital instruments(nivo): Zeiss ,Nikon.

·          Angle measurement instruments(Teodolite): Zeiss, Nikon

·          Angle measurement instruments(digital teodolite) :Boif.

·          Total stations: Nikon,Zeiss, Leica.

·          Handy G.P.S

·          Laser meter

Building parts Workshop

In the workshop, under the related professor's supervision, building work are done such as:

implementation of building plot, various masonary construction, brick works, kinds of wall laying(10cm, 22 cm, 35 cm, 45 cm),cement finishing, Mortar joint finishing, plaster works, tile works on walls and floors, crazing, stoneware installation and .... In the regard of the building work done in the workshop, related equipment is exist in the workshop.

Snap and armature workshop, mechanical installation workshop

The snap and armature workshop and mechanical installation workshop are presented for AA levels and have some equipment such as:

·          Electrical armature cutting scissors

·          Territorial armature cutting scissors

·          Handy armature cutting scissors

·          Hydraulic pipe bending