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Activities of Engineering Faculty


Student scientific Societies

Participation in national and international student competitions such as ACM competitions by students of the Computer Department, Robatic competition by students of Mechanical Engineering, Computer and Electrical engineering Departments, concrete ACI competition by Civil Engineering students, heat treatment competitions by the students of Metallurgy Department

and national competition of electrical automobile by the students of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Department and Industrial Designing that some outstanding ranks were achieved in these competitions by the faculty students up to now.

Publication of scientific magazines such as:

BARAYAND set by the Mechanical Engineering students and ANIAK magazine by the Computer students.

Holding specialty educational classes related to engineering softwares



Research-scientific Activities

Different research-scientific activities were done up to now such as: publication of ISI Papers, presentation of Papers in valid national and international conferences, publication of scientific books and participation of the professors and students in scientific competitions.

Regarding university different supports by the university for performing research activities, these activities have grown considerably in recent years.