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Cultural Complex




 Cultural Complex has 5894 square meters and 3,000 square meters Area Landscaping has been implemented.


This complex includes a four blocks : mosque, amphitheater, office rooms, catering and exhibition center.

  • -Mosque has a single minaret and two floors with the 1200 square meters and the capacity of 1600 people in Two floors.

  • -The Amphitheater of this Complex is one of the largest and equipped Amphitheater in the  province and with the capacity of 700 people in 2512 square meters

  •  -The Cultural Complex includes a covered exhibition in two floors and has 6 office rooms in ground floor.
  • -The Catering and the Open exhibition with the capacity of 500 people for catering and the roof of Amphitheater uses for the Open exhibition and a museum of cultural works with 875 square meters.