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Activities of Student Affairs

Providing suitable accommodation for nonresident students

Since  the  inception, the Office  of  Student  Affairs  has  been very  much concerned about students' accommodation specially  forst1 female students and has regarded that as the most important priority. Since students are the main asset of the university and also the focal point of all educational programs and research, the Office of Student Affairs has tried to provide suitable services in all aspects to them, particularly to those who live in dormitories

To do so, the dormitories are equipped with the best facilities. In addition, by coordination of other parts,different programs are held for students who live in dormitories.

The most important ones during a semester are:

Holding different ceremonies in dormitories, one day camping in Mashhad's country sides, visiting holy places and etc.

Important priorities

·          Extension of dormitories to accommodate students,especially female ones.

·          Providing a secure, comfortable and quiet environment so that students can study comfortably.

·          Equipping dormitories with the most suitable facilities.

·          Holding different programs in dormitories in order to fill students' free time.

Self Services

Preparation and distribution of warm food for students completely done by students affairs office.Managing programs,self service employees  extend their services and  besides  cooking  and  providing  lunch for students can afford to do service to volunteer masters and employees during the year, student camps,etc.

In this direction the student affairs office provide opportunity of eating lunch in faculty’s self service by means of getting  and charging the intelligent lunch card and reserve food through the internet.Statistics are shown that satisfaction about the quality of food has increased during recent years.st2

Most important realized Goals

·          To  increase the  number of dining halls in faculties

·          To develop  the  quality of  food

·          To increase satisfaction of students

·          To expand services and entertaining  faculty  members  and employees

·          To provide and charge intelligent card and reserve food through the  internet

The first self service of university was opened in vicinity of science faculty in 1991,with two halls which had the capacity of 700 students. With follow up of the student affairs office and cooperation of other parts of university 5 self service centers serve at present, which are central hall, educational complex, medical academy,Golbahar educational complex and engineering complex (II) with totally 9 dining halls with capacity of 4000 students.

Nutrition affairs office and self service of the university can increase their services from 291756 persons in 2001 to 434486 persons in 2007.

Nutrition affairs office and self service of the university arrange their services according to the interests of students during each term.

Increase of requests for transference & continuing higher education

Number of the applicants for higher education in university of Mashhad is increasing every year.

Number of the applicants for transferring to Mashhad has increased 225 percent since 2002.

Mashhad university with due attention to its possibilities  and scientific level of applicants welcomes them.

Student transferences

According to transference regulation and leveling grade table of the university units,temporary transference(gust) or permanent transference of the students,which means changing education place of the student in the same field and degree level,are done twice a year in months of Ordibehesht(20 April-20 May)  and Azar(20 November-20 December).First, original units consider transference request and then with permission of destination units and central office of the university transference can be done.For the convenience of the students all affairs related to students

transference, according to the conditions that have been mentioned in the regulation,can be done through the internet site of Islamic Azad University.

Student work

In order to utilize abilities of students in development of educational affairs,research work,cultural affairs, extra curriculumn and official affairs and also experiencing practical work by the students and help them to meet some part of their educational expenses, the office of student affairs has recruited some of seeking work students.This has been done by considering the fact that the students should have general competence for the job and that the job would not damage their educational progress.

Participation of students in student works has increased from 175 students in 2004 to more than 300 students in 2008.

Areas for student work services

Participation of the students is more in:

·          Periodic official work in different areas of the university

·          Doing specialized work in registering and course selecting

·          Management of publications affairs,copying and typing in the  faculties.

·          Management of cafeterias in the  faculties

Typing & Copy centers

University  research  showed that:one of the most important students’ needs to become involved in research activities is easy,fast and inexpensive access to typing  and copying center The General Office of student Affairs has decided to establish typing and copying centers in all the faculties and groups and has let applicant students run these centers.

Buffet & Cafeteria

One of the most important targets of the Student Affairs Office is to be informed about students’ ideas and suggestions and consider them in their student related policy making. Regarding this issue the Student Affairs Office make an effort to establish student buffets and cafeteria centers in different places of the university and let the students to run the places.

Cafeteria centers which are located in best places, provide inexpensive and appropriate foods for students.  

Commuting Service

The General Office of Student Affairs has provide transportation services for students in some special routs for Educational Complex,Law and Political science and Foreign languages Faculties.The students can use these services by  taking special cards.Student Affairs Office has the responsibility of  registering and issuing students’ transportation cards during a term.

Regarding to cooperation with bus service organization and provision of using general transportation facilities,it has been tried to make it possible for the students to commute more conveniently.


·          Issuance students’ transportation cards through the  internet.

·          Commuting services in four routes,36 stops in the city.

·          Having 10 buses for use of 1100 students.

·          Try to place two public bus stops in the neighboring educational complex of the university and so reduce students’ requests for commuting services.

Operation of the Graduation office

Issuance of educational documents such as certificate and award, confidential forms of medicine department and replying to inquiries from other organizations about the variety of certificates are the main duties of graduation office.

In comparison with the previous year, this office has improved its operation 50 percent successfully in 2007.

Future goals

·          Decreasing the steps of  settlement

·          Settlement through the Internet

·          Updating the issuance of awards for graduated students.

A look at the Consultation & Guidance center

·          Having 12 consultants and psychiatrists.

·          Offering services in the area of educational consultation, before and after-marriage consultation, Emotional consultation, children consultation, psychotherapy and medication.

·          Turnover of the year 2007: consultation with 1494 students in 1848 sessions.

·          Turnover of the last 5 years: consultation with 5200 students in 10600 sessions.

Consultation  & Guidance

Since 1992 Consultation and Guidance center of IAUM  has freely consulted students by using psychologist and psychiatrists in order to enable students to discover their individual and social talents, dealing with life obstacles and preventing mental disorders. Consultation is an active and dynamic process between client and consultant in which client is being helped to be aware of his/her abilities and potentials and also recognize the facilities  and environmental opportunities in order to obtain  adaptation in life.

Future horizons of physical Education

IAUM has extended extra sporting activities and curriculums in public and championship levels and tries to achieve the international horizons. IAUM has planned to host sporting events effectively and will use the experiences and

abilities of its staff in holding  the regional and national competitions greatly and tries to provide the conditions to make these competitions internationally.

Main activities

·          Hosting regional and national competitions.

·          Holding inner-university competitions.

·          Holding annual cultural festivals.

·          Holding  different exercise and coach training classes for students in different sport branches with the cooperation of sport groups of the province.

·          Holding one-day sport camping for students.

Obtained sporting achievements since 2000 to 2007

·          First rank in regional Badminton competition in 2000

·          First rank in regional competitions of 21 sport branches in 2000

·          In 2007: First rank in chess competition (male and female student), second rank in taekwondo and swimming, third rank in swimming and canoeing.

·          Total seven-year achievements: 75 first rank, 26 second rank and 13 third rank.

Sport training courses for personnel's children

In order to fill personnel's children's free time and create a closer relationship with personnel's families and appreciate them, Islamic Azad  university of Mashhad holds some sport training courses from the beginning of July to the end of August every year.

These training courses involve football, gymnastic, swimming, badminton and basketball.