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Sama schools

Elementary school level: boys elementary school (I) with 148 students, boys guidance school (III) with 321

students, girls guidance school (IV) with 253 students, girls guidance school (VI) with 174 students.

High school level: boys high school (V) and pre-university NO.1 with 242 students, boys high school(I) and

pre-university NO.5 with133 students, boys high school(III) and pre-university NO.3 with285 students, girls high school (IV) and pre-university NO.4 with176 students, girls high school(VI) with 43 students and girls high school and pre-university NO.2 with146 students.

Construction and development of educational spaces

Sama Affairs Office pays special attention to provide appropriate education places according to allowed standards of the country's organization of Renovation  and Development and Equipping schools and by utilizing building technical specialist of the university has been able to devote more than 44918 square meters land to educational units that 270333 square meters of the land is constructed and 12000 square meters of the land is rental and also 6670 square meters have been bought.

Sama's successful work Performance

·          100 percent of Sama pre-university students are admitted in universities

·          Increase the rate of students entrance to Sama institutes

·          Following the cultural, training and educational programs of Education Ministry

·          Especial attention to creativity efflorescence and religious growth of the country pupils

·          Utilize experiences and cooperation of committed and knowledgable educators, teachers and professors

Strategic goal of Sama schools

Cultural investment and education is one of the important indice of the modern human society that a bright future will appear in its prospect.

Educational system should act in such a way that creates a deep knowledge inside its constituents and self knowledge, which is the best and most complete knowledge of human, is provided through this knowledge.

Sama Affairs Office of IAUM by aiming at the mentioned goal enterprised to establish Mashhad Sama schools and now,is proud of the fact that 16 schools with 2429 students are active in this area.

Part of Sama schools scientific achievements in 2006

·          Achieving acceptable mean of average throughout Mashhad in different levels

·          Achieving 19.55 percent of pass in final exams by the whole students of Mashhad Sama schools

·          Admission of 83 percent of Sama pre-university students in universities of the country

·          Achieving the second to fifth ranks of the country in Sama descriptive coordinated test in Hamedan by 11 of science

·          stars of Mashhad Sama schools 

·          Achieving superior ranks in scientific, cultural, art and sport competitions throughout Mashhad education regions and the province

Statistical figures of the students admitted in the universities

A large number of Sama schools' students have been able to enter universities of the country every year. In 2007,66 students of Sama schools were admitted in state universities, 105 students were admitted in Azad universities,13 students in Payam-e-Noor universities and 44 students in nonprofit universities.

Achieved titles in the cultural and literary competitions

Sama schools' students achieve some ranks in the cultural and literary competitions every year. In 2006,14 students achieved first rank,8 students achieved second rank and 8 students achieved third rank in these competitions.

And in 2008,8 students achieved first rank,5 students achieved second rank  and 8 students achieved third rank in these competitions.

·          Achieving first state rank in second countrywide festival of research and worksof Sama schools' students in Ramsar via 12 researcher students of MashhadSama schools.

·          Achievement of song and theater group of Mashhad Sama schools to state stage(3 groups)

·          Success of Sama high school students' in cultural and art competition memorialceremony of great prophet(peace be up on him)in Khorasan province.

Congresses and Festivals

·          Holding the seventh student congress of young physics researchers

·          Holding the forth round of creativity documentary making workshops of region 9 particular to elementary schools' teachers

·          Holding the first Sama regional cultural and art festival particular to students and university students of region 9 units

·          Holding the eighteenth conference of the university assistants and principals of Sama educational and cultural centers

·          Holding the first society of Quran elects by presence of students, university students, educators and elected Quran masters of Sama throughout the country.

·          Holding countrywide festival of Dr.Hesabi(Sama inventors) in three days in Mashhad

Scientific,research and cultural successes

·          Participating in the state test and achieving first rank in the country among 55 participant units for the second consecutive year

·          Participating in Sama research and student works festival and achieving first rank in the country for the second consecutive year

·          Dispatching students of Sama girl high school to the fifteenth congress of the country physics students and achieving the elect title in this congress

·          Participating in the Second Skill Festival of the country Sama university students and achieving first rank in architecture field

·          Dispatching Sama students and university students to Sama state robot cup competitions and achieving first rank in these competitions

·          Participating in the first period of the art and cultural competitions and achieving second rank in the country.

Educational workshop

·          Holding educational workshops  of the managers and administrative officials of region 9

·          Holding the sixth period of creativity documentary making workshops of region 9 especial for elementary schools' teachers

·          Holding research managing workshops of region 9 especial for research council members of region 9 units