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Sama foreign language Institutes

Sama foreign language institutes success

A large number of these institutes' students have been able to enter universities of the country every year.

Among the institutes' most important plans which are performed are:

·          Holding extracurricular classes

·          Holding the entrance exam classes

·          Holding scientific and cultural competitions

Sama foreign language Institutes

Mashhad Sama foreign language institutes are active utilizing experienced,kind and merciful staff and also

utilizing laboratorial and workshop equipments, library, educational workshops and educational technology and every year a large number of these institutes' students enter universities of the country. Number of classrooms and teachers of Sama foreign language institutes in 2002 was 51 class rooms and 30 teachers.

Since that year the numbers have increased every year. In 2007,Sama foreign language institutes had 301 classrooms and 151 teachers. Excellent performane of the institutes is a positive response to ever increasing requests of our Islamic motherland pupils in terms of educating the most valuable and creative human resources which are to be efficient and committed and suitable with the Islamic society's needs.