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Sama College Office

Vice Chancellor for Sama:

Dr. Jafar Kabiri Sarmazdeh


Phone: +98 513 36629806

Fax: +98 513 36629813

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sama Deputy Background:

Mashhad Sama Deputy of Islamic Azad University was founded in 1992 pursuant to the law for Non-profitable schools first by two girls high schools and enrolling 165 students .Now it's proud to run 12 girls and boys schools with more than 2300 students ,4 Foreign language institutes with 1000 language learner as well as 2 technical-Vocational girls and boys colleges with 3400 students studying in Associate programs in 9 technical -vocational fields.

Goals &Policies:

1. Performing educational , scientific ,research and cultural activities according to related organizations ' laws and regulations including Education Organization, Sama Organization and Islamic Azad University
2. Establishing scientific, cultural, technical-vocational and foreign language institutes while offering updated methods in school management and educational guidance.
3. Improvement and development in quality and quantity of learning spaces for school and college students.
4.Assisting the government in the process of education
5. Paving the ground for people partnership in promotion of science and culture of their children.

6..Enhancing the level of knowledge by training technicians.

7.Providing suitable field for production and technology transfer.

8. Creating environment for healthy competition for flourishing creativity.


1.Constructing learning spaces conformed with the standards of the State Organization of Schools Renovation ,Development and Mobilization , developing laboratories ,workshops and libraries
2. Offering and performance of the following plans to promote education:
-successful plan of teaching the subjects mathematics,science and computer in Junior high school and High school in English language(SCBI plan)
-Organizing descriptive tests in Junior high school and high school and experimental tests in pre-university centers
-Constant assignments plan and compiling workbooks for the students
-Experimental plan for creativity training in primary schools(Creative mind plan)
-Teaching English and computer in primary schools
-Qods plan(Teaching Quran in Sama schools)for both school and college students.
-Organizing make-p and extracurricular classes for students
-organizing educational and consultation ,meetings attended by students' parents to even more involve them in education.
5. Organizing annual scientific , research ,cultural and artistic festivals for both school and college students.
6. Employing and training human resources

Future Perspective:


1.Adapting education with global educational standards while preserving Islamic identity.
2. Enhancing productivity in human resources and facilities relying on suitable education
3. Creating a suitable ground for encouraging schools and college students for entrepreneurship and

producing required science and technology.
4. Introducing Information and communication technology in different educational ,research, cultural and financial-administrative sectors.


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