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Young researchers’ club

Young researchers' club of IAUM was established in 1999 with the purpose of attracting and integrating

young students and innovations and inventors and also providing facilities and equipments for development

of creative power and youth's talents through association with universities and scientific educational and research centers which are in or out of the country. pajoheshi2

Examples of club's facilities for its members are: tuition discount, offer presents like gold coin, employment

priority and settling in student dormitories, free use of the internet, pay research loan, send students to

honoured Mecca and etc.

Some activities of the club in 2007

·          Publishing two first issues of the young researchers' scientific- news quarterly magazine.

·          Registration of two of the club members' inventions.

·          Presenting six essays by members of the club in national and international conferences.

·          Holding operation research workshop for the club's member.

·          Chiefs'(chiefs of young researchers' club) meeting in region 9.

·          Holding achievements exhibition of the university young researchers' club