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Establishment of libraries in faculties and hospitals of the universityketabkhane

Since the beginning that IAUM is being established the central library has activated as an academic library in present location of Science Faculty. Since activities of all educational groups were done in science faculty at that time, equipments of the library were suited with all educational groups of the university, so the library became a central one. During the years and with extension of educational groups and faculties geographical dispersion, the specialized books of these groups were

transfered to the new places of the faculties and so the central library changed to science Faculty's library.

IAUM have 12 libraries in engineering, medical, basic sciences, paramedical, humanities and law faculties and independent groups of educational sciences, physical science and either in Aria and 22 Bahman hospitals.

These libraries have different sections such as reference books, dissemination and MSC and PHD theses specialized section.

Biggest academic library of the region 9

The library of  IAUM is one of the biggest libraries of Islamic Azad university in region 9 for reasons of its area, number of theses, number of internal specialized publications, subscription of foreign specialized publications, number of reference books and either Persian and Latin books.

Persian and Latin books of the library are classified ol2on the basis of L.C classification and are available mechanicaly now.

Mission and goals of the Libraries Affairs Management

·          To provide chance of access to required information and books for professors and students.

·          To gather library subjects such as printed, nonprint and electronic ones.

·          To perform technical services of all library subjects of the university(indexing, organizing and index making).

·          A thorough examination on status of the faculty libraries status.

·          To provide short educational periods for teaching librarianship.

·          To guide and teach applicants to find and use information resources.

Digital library of IAUM

·          Including sets of data base units, electronic journals and electronic books

·          Unlimited access to 10 data base of the world containing nearly 40 million summarized essays and also access to 900 other specialized data base in library of the university

·          Access to almost 1000 electronic magazines containing 10 million fulltext and fullpicture essays

·          Access to almost 1000 books, references and electronic

·          Summary and information about almost 1600000 theses of American and European univerensities

Access to updated scientific information

Now, possibility of access to digital library of Islamic Azad university is provided now for its students, researchers

and university staff member so standard of access to updated scientific information in Islamic Azad university of Mashhad is comparable with the most advanced universities of the world.