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IT and communication center

IT and communication center by having 29 staff who have master degrees in computer software, bachelor degrees initc Computer Software, Hardware and Electronics, associated degree in Computer Software, Electronics and Statistics,

perform the following activities:

·          Creating and extending mechanized systems and doing the project of university mechanization

·          Providing communicational structures and Intranet in the university

·          Extending and conducting the mechanized systems in the units of region 9 and other units of Islamic Azad University

·          Information providing  services and designing IAUM's internet sites


Offering services and information to students, managers and personnel via mechanized systems with fast, stable, reliable, efficient, secure, confidential electronic access with no limitation for time and location and also with equal opportunities for all skateholdeRs in international, national and regional levels.

At present this center has designed and supported 8 main systems and more than 45 subsystems. Designed systems are the followings:

·          Presidency area ( 3 systems)

·          Office of Educational Affairs ( 8 systems)

·          Administrative and financial office (7 systems)

·          Office of Research Affairs ( 8 systems)

·          Office of Student Affairs ( 9 systems)

·          Office of Cultural Affairs (1 system)

·          Office of Construction Development Affairs ( 1 system)

·          The university central organization systems

Intranet and Internet in the university

·          Creating an extensive private network (Intranet) of IAUM via wireless connection among 22 buildings, the Computer Center and faculties.

·          Connection of the university's Computer Center to the Internet with bandwidth 4 Mbps

·          Availability of 2 EL connection and 40 phone lines and light fiber for Internet users

·          Establishment of data center and network servers connection and needed firewalls

The first mechanized and comprehensive university system in Iran

·          The first mechanized and comprehensive university system in Iran which consists of different university offices and central organization systems

·          The first mechanized and comprehensive university system in Iran which has credit system for students to pay for tuition, self-service, dormitories and etc.

·          The first mechanized and comprehensive university system in Iran which possesses an information providing services about students' educational and financial situation through Internet

Implementing mechanized systems in academic units and centers

Other achievements of this center are extension and implementation of mechanized systems in the region 9 academic centers of Sama centers and other units of Islamic Azad University throughout the country:

·          The region 9 of Islamic Azad University:14 universities

·          Sama academic centers:3 centers

·          Throughout the country: Islamic Azad University of Najaf Abad, Broujerd, Zahedan and Yazd.

Informative websites of the university and the faculties of IAUM

·          To provide management software containing (CMS) and implementing of Offices and faculties sites (internet sites)

·          To implement internet Host in order to allocate space and with the possibility of support all the domain languages programming

·          To design and preservation of internet station and university informative site with the address:  www.mshdiau.ac.ir and www.iaum.com and internet sites in different areas of the university.

·          Subscription and providing of the different internet services for faculty members and students.

·          Organizing 12 net cafes affairs in different faculties of the university.

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