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Research Office

Vice Chancellor for Research Affairs :

Dr. Esmaeil Kheirkhah

Phone : +98 513 36637842

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Developing researches is the most fundamental goal of the university which is supervised by the research affairs department.
The subcategories are as follows:

 · Research Proposal Office

· Conference office

· Publications

· Industry Relation Office

· Equipments and maintenance office

· Young researchers' Club

· IT Office

· Library Affairs Office

The goals and missions of vice chancellor for research are as follows:

A) Goals of research Administration

· Preparing backgrounds for increasing scientific products including:
- conducting research proposals inside and outside the university by academic members
- encouraging and supporting faculty members to publish their articles in academic journals and ISI
- encouraging and supporting faculty members to present their articles and take part in national and international conferences
- encouraging and supporting university faculties and departments to hold regional, national and international conferences
- publishing academic books and journals
- providing faculty members to take sabbatical leave

· Establishing and developing standard traditional and digital libraries and supplying required books and journals

· Developing the connection between industry and society, helping applied researches, and taking necessary steps to introduce students to industrial organizations

· Supplying and equipping laboratories and workshops

· Establishing and developing research centers

· Establishing and development (Roshd) centers

· Establishing and developing scientific clubs and societies with the help of instructors and students in various faculties and departments

· Supervising and supporting Young Researchers' Society of IAU

B) Goals of IT center

· Designing , producing and maintaining comprehensive and integrated educational, research, financial, and student affairs systems required by the university

· Supplying, maintaining, and supporting hardware, telecommunication and network systems required to the university through updated technologies

· Preparing equipments and presenting internet services for faculties, students and staffs

· Providing statistics required by authorities and executive managers in campus, region and head office

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