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Goals of research Affairs

Future outlook

institution which is going forward in the area of research,science and technology production based on international criterions. It has provided necessary conditions for qualitative and quantative development of research in Iran and also a better presence in the area of science in the global arena of science production.

To be among the world's best 500 Universities

Science and technology are the most important power determination factors in the world and the countries which are in a high level of science and technology production are also the main powers in the world. The main source of science and technology production is university. In order to extend research activities and scientific movement, the Resaerch office of IAUM as the first institution among the whole universities in Iran is planning some strategic programmes to be one of the world's best 500 universities.

Key values of the Research affair of Islamic Azad university of Mashhad

·          Appreciating the position of researchers

·          Justice and moral doctrine consideration in research

·          Based on competence

·          Appreciating creativity and initiation

·          Accountability

·          Team working

Nowadays, the word "science production" has a special place in Iran, so that the science production movement occupies all scientific affairs planners' mind and it has the first position among all plans and idealistic horizons of the country.

The mission of leading universities is based on three features of science: research, transferring the knowledge (training) and application knowledge.

Therefore, the office of Research Affairs of IAUM has defined "science production" as its most important goal.

Inner-university research project

Inner-university research projects are the projects which their financial burdens are financed by the internal financial resources of the university.

Considering the fact that these projects are goal-oriented,the two main goals that are purposing are:

·          Reaching the preplanned goals by the help of university researchers and also other researchers outside of university.

·          Training experts and researchers.         


·          Meeting the research needs of the country through performing applied researches.

·          Attracting research financial sponsors outside of the university.

·          Expansion of research and active cooperation of faculty members and graduate students in research activities.

·          Making the research activities more goal oriented.

·          Organizing and efficiency enhancement of graduate students theses.

Outer-university research proposals

Mission of leading universities is defined based on three features of science: research (getting knowledge), training (transferring the knowledge) and application of the knowledge. Based on the third feature which was mentioned, university can train human forces when that research is accomplished in a professional manner and in response to the country's needs through performing applied research need by economic and industrial sectors with the university

instruction. These researches are graduate students of the university or those who cooperate with university in doing research after graduation.