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Acctivities of Research Affairs

Holding Conference

Office of Research Affairs of IAUM holds different congresses annually in order to provide suitable opportunities for transferring up to date knowledge and also presenting the latest research and scientific achievements in national and international levels.

In these congresses industrial managers, prominent professors and top students are invited and therefore,it creates a close relationship between research centers and the industry.

Scientific articles presentation, training workshops and holding exhibitions of internal researchers'achievements are some other areas related to holding congresses.

Congresses which were hold by Research affairs from 2004 to 2007pajoheshi1

·          Science production movement, software and free thinking movement

·          The forth congress of medical sciences

·          Congress of Iranian woman and research

·          Congress of  the operation of the 25thyear of Islamic

·          Azad university establishment

·          The first congress of applied biology in Iran

·          The second congress of applied biology (with international domain)

Publication of articles

An article is the result of a research and scientific work that is published in a journal and become available for all scientists in the world. Therefore, in the first stage,science production is presented in a scientific article and it will distribute via an international journal.

At present, one of the most important indexes of science production in the world, is the number of published articles in ISI journals. University professors, do research and present the result of their research as an article.

These scientific articles and journals are considered as scientific evaluation criteria. Therefore, in this way a professor or a researcher produces science.

Publication of books

Book can be mentioned as one of the prototypes of science production. Book can be a science index as long as it was not just a translation work and it also should be studied and confirmed by experienced referees and board of authors.

There should be consumption for the sciences which have been produced. An important point in this field is that a researcher should be aware of society's needs in order to produce useful things.

Although the science itself is so valuable, there is no benefit if it cannot meet the society's needs.

Research affair of IAUM in the last 5 years has published 71percents of the university's books. Since the beginning of university establishment, the number of published books by Research affair is 59200 in 67 titles: 15 titles in the area of science, 19 titles in the area of medicine, 13 titles in the area of human science and 20 titles in the area of engineering.

Publication of Magazines

12 scientific magazines in Mashhad have been permitted to publish up to now.Two of them have Scientific and research rank,one has Scientific  and promoting rank and others are being in the process of primary studies.

So many university members of Azad university and state university can publish results of their research and therefore help the enhancement of the country's science production. 

·          To help scientific and research policy making in the country.

·          To provide equal opportunities and appropriate utilization of facilities and available potentials.

·          To appraise each field separately and by  respect to nature of each field and uphold team research,interfields and multifields.

·          To access quantity and quality of the research and technological outputs.

·          To provide scientific conditions for naturing elites.

·          To form scientific information system of civil ,regional and global dimension.


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