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Laboratorial equipments , operation and reparation office

Scientific innovation is the source of innovation in other fields. The Research Affairs Office of IAUM, for realization of innovation and prosperity in science and technology and either to response to a historic requirement with providing necessary equipments in recent years, has been able to perform biggest modernization and equipping in its history and also in universities of the region.

Laboratorial equipments , operation and reparation office

Nowadays one of the most important factors of industrial development and science and technology growth is useful , exact and opportune utilization of the available equipments which are in access of Iranian researchers, scholar and scientists .

More attention to research area of the university and development of the university equipments cause more scientific growth.

Laboratorial equipments , operation and reparation office also ,as one factor in extending of scientific and research subjects and access to the  goal of high education extension  in this scientific base , can encourage science development by provide materials and buy new and modern equipments.

The office has been able to present effective services in education by preparation of new and modern equipments.